Microsoft Apps for Symbian get announced, we rub our eyes

08 September, 2011
Microsoft's productivity apps will become native for Symbian. We wonder if more are on the way.

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  • AnonD-16334

first of all cpu,gps chip and all related to hardware not the os android so atart blaming manufacture.we have good and bad manufatures to choose..decision is ours
1)if android is not the future,then tell me which one will be?
the os itself proved it as a clean crap called symbian? or the os that is not able to even customize called wp7 mango?(i dont want to get bored of seeing same things or better it could be suit for only office useres) or the os that currently finding its grave for eternity called meeGO or meeGONE(you may tell intel has not ended meego dev. however probably its end would be in death.because nokia lost meego on ITS way TO WP7,nokia was the only future for has a bada os then???Sammy wont use meego until google stop open source system..and they do have bada os to devolop
i dont considering ios because of its closed ecosystem

BUT GOOGLE giving a huge effort for dev of android in ANDROID is the future.
2)i didn't see any lag issue on GS II its lightning fast.but other dual core processors(htc sensation,atrix) have not reached up to the speed of GS II. may feel some lag so need to fix but battery life has to be improved by extending mAh logically cheap cpu=good battery life nothing more..most importantly NOKIA=super laggy(eg;x6,5800,n97,n73,n900)i hated nokia because of its super lagging .why do you have no complaint with that?HA!!! if android lags a bit its because of its adavanced functionality not like nokia's super shits!!
one day you fool nokia boys will understand and buy a droid . wait and see your self

  • AnonD-12210

Csutak, 09 Sep 2011Then Apple will release the new iPhone and everything else is go... moreiphone has forever been ages behind nokia and this time the same will be repeated .1st iphone had a mere 434mhz cpu whereas n95 was flaunting dual cpu. Camera? Do u even want to compare .iphone is a small kid infront of n8. Even icrap 5 cant .i wish n8-01 is true with more than 12mp xenon flash snapper.

  • phone fan

guys cool down . i owned nokia 5800 and samsung ace . i can't afford iphone because that i will talk only on symbian n android . i have 3 or 4 fav applictions music skYpE n nImbUzZ . both 5800 n ace mid range devices . i talk to my wife 5 to 6 hours in the day i can say 5800 is way better than ace first battery life 2nd audio quality even 5800 is 3years older than ace and space is so low against ace . really when nokia made something the made...

  • AnonD-7027

AnonD-3575, 09 Sep 2011os has everything to do with that and 600mhz android my not lag... more"os has everything to do with that
and 600mhz android my not lag at start, but fill up the homescreens with widgets, leave a few apps running..."

yeah ofcourse..but having a dual-core and a gb of ram, its not impossible to run applications simultaneously..
other os doens't lag coz they can't do what android do..they are on diff. level..
also android has a lot of updates to offer.. they're just getting started, but things run almost perfect..

btw, symbian is getting better, but still need a lot of work if they want to compete with android..

  • Lousy_Old_Apple

[deleted post]Couldn't agree more, Nokia are coming back with a bang!! It won't be long until everyone wishes they had owned one, instead of following the crowd with lousy old apple corp.

  • AnonD-13986

AnonD-2663, 09 Sep 2011You've obviously never worked a day in your life. I do, but we only use Word,Excel, Powerpoint.
Now using Open Office. The rest of the time, we use email. We still use the old way of paperwork- real paper. Some of my colleagues dont even know how to attach files to a email.

  • Ano

Microsoft is like a virus, even if you don't run WP7, they push their stupid products on you.

  • AnonD-8044

Nokia products or Android..I would choose Nokia one they are reliable,good cameras and signal quality..all android fones have unreliable battery and other faults and google is just a big advertising platform..Me and lots i know are fed up to high heaven with adverts..Even tho goole supply us with a good search engine its still all about advertising.In fact when you use android its just one big advertisement..

  • AnonD-903

"Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint being part of the group. Regarding the latter, we must note that this is the first time they become officially available outside the Windows platform."

Worded like that^, just no. And NVM how there is Office for Mac.

The FIRST version of Excel was on the Macintosh, in 1985 (Windows one was only in 1987). Similar with PowerPoint (Mac: 1987, Windows: 1990) and Word (Unix, DOS: 1983, Macintosh: 1984, Atari ST: 1986, OS/2, Windows: 1989)

Microsoft was a crucial supplier of software in early Macintosh years. Now, I realize this is probably earlier than when most people here were born, but come on...

  • Anonymous

I've a thing with Nokia, don't know what it is but Nokia's phones seem to suit my need and it's excellence in built quality. With new improvments, it looks like Nokia is slowly gaining credibility in smartphone world.

I've also got a thing for iphone, it was the very first phone with an excellent web browser, slick UI and ease of use. The downside is it's limitations compare to what a Nokia can do.

Android, I also got a thing for Android phones as well. For it's a platform that can challenge iOS while Symbian and windows phone lagging behind. Now android & iOS are the top two in "smartphone"

  • Vram

I hope the price didn't rise beacuse the office suite 2010 on symbian :p

  • AnonD-2663

AnonD-13986, 09 Sep 2011While you people are arguing, I decided to hover over to Microso... moreYou've obviously never worked a day in your life.

  • Ben Stiller Contest

Hello people,

You know me!
I love Nokia.

How many phones will I buy from the elegant classy adorable fantastic Nokia before 31 of december.
I will give a pull on the website.
The winner will have N9 and me for dinner!

Some clues; there will be more than 1 and I like gold, besides I even like qwerty.

One two rules; Rank the phone or phones by model.

Only registrated voters can antend this vote.

Max votes in total; 3000

  • Phone Dealer

Based on my experience(as well as on other phone dealers that I know) with cellphones of almost all major brands (including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Apple, HTC and others), even though Nokia has made some major mistakes in the past, considering all phones, their phones are still unbeatable in:

- Overall reliability (including software and hardware)
- Camera
- Build quality
- Network reception

That's undeniable fact and everyone who had more than 20 different phones of all major brands in their hands agrees with this.

I've had over 100 Nokias (Yes, you read correctly and NONE of them had software issues. I can't say this for any other manufacturer or OS)

I repeat, this is based on experiences with lots and lots of phones.

And Yes, that unbeatable software reliability is the reason of this Microsoft move from the title of this news.

  • AnonD-13986

AnonD-13626, 09 Sep 2011Totally agree!! Both provide the original concept and free from... moreWhile you people are arguing, I decided to hover over to to find out what are the world some of the apps are for :
Microsoft OneNote 2010 :­etting-started-with-onenote-2010-HA010370233.asp­x?CTT=3

Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile :­mobile.aspx
Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast :­p/broadcast-your-powerpoint-presentation-to-a-re­mote-audience-HA010382418.aspx?CTT=1
Microsoft Document Connection :­access-office-documents-in-microsoft-office-web-­apps-HA102528054.aspx?CTT=1

Lol, I have Microsoft 2010 on my PC & I dont even know these applications exist.

  • Fade.

AnonD-21134, 09 Sep 2011It's a good news that ms is helping nokia in promoting belle. N... moreThey have already ditched Symbian S60 5th edition. It may have gotten faster browser resently but the fact that they don't even provide new flash support over flash lite 3.1 or update the looks of the os tells it everything.

  • Ano

With the Anna update, Microsoft Office Communicator was pushed into my phone without asking. I deleted it directly. I don't need or want any Microsoft app being forced on me. Download separately but with any preinstalled Microsoft app on a new Nokia phone will make me buy Android instead. I use Symbian because it is not Microsoft. I'm already being shagged by Microsoft on the PC side.

Say no to Microsoft.

  • Lax

Let me give u guys life experience of how all this works. Am a student in a nigerian university. It was just minutes before our practical report was to be submitted and mine was not ready, there was no charge in my laptop to type my conclusion. Now at that moment i was confused and running crazy! . Until i rememberd that my nokia e5 has a document editor. I quickly typed it in there and took it to a comercial typing center, they edited it to fit my font and Vualaa! It was ready for submition. Now thats what most android phones cant give u.

  • AnonD-3575

AnonD-7027, 09 Sep 2011bro in that case, os has not to do with that, but the phone itse... moreos has everything to do with that
and 600mhz android my not lag at start, but fill up the homescreens with widgets, leave a few apps running...

i myself dont mind a bit of lag, but if you spend a lot of money on a powerful phone, you expect it do perform admirably. however, android cant fully utilize dual core and gpu in its ui (not my opinion, a fact) so that power goes to waste. wp7, ios, meego and symbian belle run smoother on less powerful hardware.
yes, android can get quad core, but whats the point? for mobile use 1ghz + gpu is enough. anything more is overkill. maybe for gaming, but serious gaming on a mobile is a joke

  • AnonD-7027

AnonD-3575, 09 Sep 2011android is outdated dual core 1.2ghz and still lags? how's tha... morebro in that case, os has not to do with that, but the phone itself rather. coz even a 600mhz android phone runs smoothly, but not with hd games. i can't see any reason why a dual-core phone will lag, maybe your phone is defective one.