Microsoft Apps for Symbian get announced, we rub our eyes

08 September, 2011
Microsoft's productivity apps will become native for Symbian. We wonder if more are on the way.

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  • AnonD-252

Who cares, nobody really needs any app from Microsoft anymore!
Symbian is better than WP7 will be, and that only tell how very bad WP7 is!

  • AnonD-1782

[deleted post]seems you care to read about Nokia... dont you dear?

  • Sun Down

Symbian was never dead to me. The lack of support and updates never meant the death of ANY OS to me. It's as if the media sees all Symbian devices will go kapoot by 2016. I hope another company would adopt Symbian once Nokia let go of it.

  • Deepak

now thats great news for all those who have symbian devices with belle :) really happy for them.

  • AnonD-21375

This is nice thing for Symbian, For the first time in 6 years I got a non-Symbian Device, makes me kinda sad though... But its time to move on and It's a android..
And maybe I'll buy another phone its gonna be a Nokia, my nokia phone never let me down since...

  • UB

AnonD-4697, 09 Sep 2011This is just great for all Symbian Users!!!! Excellent moveme... moreMicrosoft signed a deal to bring these Office Apps to Symbian OVER TWO YEARS AGO.

They are finally getting around to it now that Nokia has switched over to WindowsPhone?

  • AnonD-7027




android is the cream sandwich is coming..

but still, its a good news for symbian users..they are now making their selves quite competitive..

  • SFAN

Although Symbian will be a dead OS (for Nokia), many consumers will enjoy the updates. I'll say it again, even though Elop killed Symbian and MeeGo, he is PUSHING the compan forward despite his lack of interest in Symbian and MeeGo.

  • AnonD-15787

Well at least Nokia is benefiting at last from their Nokia+Microsoft Union this is nice for Symbian users but most of these apps was available but of course not from Microsoft officially thats the only difference and it will take months before fully using it

  • AnonD-1420

Wow... the way things are going S^3 is looking better and better. If they also bring WP7-style search and voice features to S^3 there'll be precious few reasons for me to switch to WP7!

... the WP7 app scene is still better than S^3 and it's not stuck on nHD, so I'd still switch. But S^3 has never looked better for Nokia's midrange smartphones. Nice one, MicroNok!

  • Jay

shashank, 09 Sep 2011First time first !! And also glad that i held onto my c7.. symb... moreYeah right, keep telling yourself that... :)

  • symbian

symbian has revive!

  • AnonD-4697

This is just great for all Symbian Users!!!!

Excellent movement, this shows that the union between Microsoft and Nokia began and is just the beginning, it seems that great things come to Nokia and will be slowly regaining their rightful way .....

Thanks Microsoft and Nokia CHEEERS!

  • Anonymous

a promise made a promise full filled.

  • shashank

First time first !!
And also glad that i held onto my c7.. symbian is all that i want... coz it does all that i need and not all the exceedingly overrated stuff that i do not. :) :)