BlackBerry Motion arrives in South Africa as DTEK series gets May patch

17 May 2018
You can grab a Motion unit for ZAR 6,999 ($563) outright or ZAR 399 ($32) per month.

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  • Anonymous
  • KLT
  • 17 May 2018

$500+?????? For BB motion?????
I'm not a hatter, but I think BB not realistic
The reason BB brand will vanish in 2-3 years...

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    • Uiw
    • 17 May 2018

    [deleted post]if you are a real smartphone fan you never say such a thing, and NOKIA is doing good these days and they are one of the first companys to push android 8.1 to thire phones

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      • thomas
      • 2SQ
      • 17 May 2018

      good content

        Hey , at least they didn't forget about giving the duo DTEKs series , the DTEK50 and DTEK60 from 2016 , the latest security patches at the month of May , par with some 2017-2018 flagships , which is important for reducing some security issues , although the OS won't be updated , for some is a bummer .

          Wtf $563?
          This is the biggest reason why blackberry failed, they ask way too much for there little hardware.
          All bb10 device are under powered compared to android phone and still ask big money.
          I through tcl not repeat it, i guess I was worng.