Sharp SH8298U 3D Android phone announced

11 September, 2011
Expect to find a 4.2-inch 3D display, dual 3D cameras and a 1.4GHz processor, assuming you're in Japan.

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  • Shinn

Hmm, SINA application for Japan? Looks more like it's for the Chinese market rather than the Japanese market.

Sharp China:

  • lennard

guys smartphone would be really smart if it uses Kinetic to power it ...

  • Anonymous

it looks like htc magic!

  • asbahi

LG p920, first 3D phone in the world and best one

  • Dakkk

I bet it is waterproof.

  • Gem86

lennard , 12 Sep 2011guys if your bet is on processor... i will bet on single co... moreSingle core has a higher power consumption, it also generates more heat than dual-cores. It's a simple principle, comparable with a car engine - the harder the engine has to work to attain the desired speed, the higher its fuel consumption will be (and the hotter it gets, too). A car with two engines can divide the work and therefore run at a more 'stable' and generally lower pace, using less fuel (battery).

Still, with todays' Android iteration, a single core processor generally gets a higher performance out of the OS though, simply because it is currently better optimized for single cores. However, it runs smoothly on dual-core as well, and will only become progressively faster on a dual-core as soon as it has been optimized for it.

In any case; Dual-core >> Single core.

Another thing: with 1240 mAH with a single core and these specs; you'd better have a spare battery in your pocket.

  • dyl

rebelisstupid, 12 Sep 2011rebel u dont know anything abuot mobile phones do u? just g... moresharp mainly use samsung parts anyway so rather than samsung being sharp closely match with their hardware and 3D compat. so go your facts right pal

  • AnonD-272

sharp is always No:1 Japan

  • Anonymous

rebel, 11 Sep 2011Charger not needed it is sharp it is not nokia,sharp is the... moredumb! anyone who knows android phone knows you need to charge your phone almost everyday! unless you jacked up car battery to your phone

  • dezmi

AnonD-12237, 11 Sep 20114.3 inch screen and 1240mah battery running android. You be... more:)) very true.

  • hahaha

the picture that u have posted is a china model.. FYI

  • Anonymous

Please note that this phone is now available in China, i already had hands on experience on it and its very smooth and 3d is also good

  • lennard

guys if you will look at this site you will find out that sharp 3D smartphone is already in china.. Next stop would be India and the rest of Asia... then America or Europe ... no info about africa

  • lennard

guys if your bet is on processor... i will bet on single core with clock of 2.5GHz rather than a 2.5GHz dual core... Why???? because dual core suck more battery life than a single core..

I need your opinion guys about it....

  • lennard

guys you are late with the announcement, this Sharp 3D smartphone is (Sharp Aquos SH8298U 3D) on its way to show room in China... .... GSM / WCDMA bands ... hope to see the other japanese phones before the end of the year.. NEC is on its way to america boys... and Panasonic is remains a Dark Horse... what's out this Fall / Holiday...

  • Anonymous

will stick to the charger 4ever...:p

  • Meego Revolution

Now that is a nice fresh new Android design on a device. I like the look of it and the specs aren't that bad. I can live with single core. Good job Sharp.

  • rajiev

look like sony ericsson xperia arc s!

  • Anonymous

Guys Now what would u expect on android... It becomes Bored...Lots of brands wants only android...
No idea where these android phones go later some years...

  • Dude

rebel, 11 Sep 2011Charger not needed it is sharp it is not nokia,sharp is the... moreR u sure?