Huawei Y5 Prime (2018) gets quietly listed on official website

19 May 2018
The new entry-level device is likely destined to battle it out at the very low end of the 2018 market.

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  • Anonymous

No words on SoC... as others have said, we can guess that it would be a Mediatek, Spreadtrum, or Broadcom.

Is this the rebranded Honor 7 Play or something?

  • Rajo

SD450 in Octa-core

AnonD-269506, 19 May 2018"Earlier leaks, attributed to the device, suggest it has a quad-... moreYes, because SD450 is just downscaled SD625 :)

  • JackTheiPhoneKiller

What about the Fingerprint sensor?

We all know it's MTK.

Thus is a rebranded huawei play 7 just announced few hours ago.... cheap chinese...

  • AnonD-269506

"Earlier leaks, attributed to the device, suggest it has a quad-core CPU setup at its disposal, running at a rather modes 1.5Ghz. This could be the Snapdragon 450, but we're just guessing."

S450 is a octa-core? Besides, there is a honor device with a mt6739 that shares the same specs, so this device probably also uses this soc

If they're not disclosing the SoC it's a mediatek 6737 or spreadtrum :)