An unannounced, metal-clad BlackBerry Bold gets filmed

11 September, 2011
The mysterious BlackBerry is dubbed Bold 9980 - a luxurious version of BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900.

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  • Faiz

i want to buy this mobile how i buy can some help me please

  • Macca Dawg

I have this phone. I also buy in Japan. Very good. Diamond encrusted. Not very expensive good buy ^_^

  • hazemfive

how much is it in $ ?

  • L_L HN

I have 1 and it's so cool ;) i buy in japan

  • Abtif

I hear this will be too expensive, with diamond finishing too maybe. But it's good looking

  • lee

Can any1 make out the service provider??? I guess its China mobile( CMCC) ....can it be a fake??

  • peecko

Well i can confirm this handset is not fake, but im very impressed on how someone got to record this as blackberry testing have not even had a chance to test it.

  • Anonymous

On the screen, Above the time, u can see CHINA MOBILE.. LOL

  • gg

Very2 ugly.

  • Anonymous

states china mobile on the screen! :) could b a fake!:D

  • AnonD-21927

Bold 9900 with conversion...Not a Newer bold..RIM source!

  • Ticksho

Its the new bold but with an installed designed cover/keyboard for sure. RIM would never create a keyboard design that is as inconvenient as the one in the vid above.

  • Anonymous

If it were all black It would have certainly looked good ^^

  • Varun Singh

Please launch as soon as possibel in india

  • Cyclus

Look at the "edge" logo! This guy used wi-fi!

  • Nelsinho

Im not into the bb wave but I can tell is ugly


Is it the complete metal body? If it is, is that phone get heated on long conversation?

  • Anonymous

China mobile says it all. its probably a chinese version of the blackberry bold 9900

  • Anonymous


  • james

from a chinese site i say FAKE!