Meizu M6T sample photo shared by the company's Senior VP

21 May 2018
Meizu M6T is an upcoming low-end device with special attention to the camera capabilities.

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  • DODO

who is the model name of photo ?

  • Anonymous

Best Meizu article so far.....thx GSMA.....

The girl - 99999/99999
Phone - 0.5/10

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 May 201810/10 girl......not phone.pre-order on that girl please

  • Anonymous

10/10 girl......not phone.

  • Anonymous

The fake blur is so ugly wtf

  • Anonymous

TheGreatOne, 22 May 2018God's most beautiful creation ever.. I'm in love already.. Looks... moreGet a hold buddy, she's average at best. where are you from? In the UK she is a 6/10 girl, average.

  • Anonymous

A man needs a name, for uhm, research purposes..

  • Dave

Looks bad.

  • Anonymous

Wow, what a hottie!

Offer : Pre-register this smartphone and go to a date with this gorgeous girl :)

  • Anonymous

meizu launching 6T before OnePlus, congrats ✌

  • caesien

any one know who is this girl? so beautiful.

  • Anonymous

No notch, not hot!

  • Anonymous

Hot Mona Lisa....

that's not possible with a smartphone, even an xperia one. the background is perfectly even and greatly separated from her.
same thing happened a few years back with another photo and that company apologised.

I clicked the article only to see the girl in the picture, I have no idea what Meizu is, if it's a fruit or an animal.

  • TheGreatOne

God's most beautiful creation ever.. I'm in love already.. Looks angelic and cute.. God my heart just skipped a few beats. So sweet. I will buy this phone if I can get in touch with the girl somehow.

  • Zero

Seems that Meizu uses this time the infamous MTK 6750 which is outdated as hell.

  • Anonymous

That's how you take a pic.