Xiaomi confirms Mi 8 name and May 31 launch date

22 May 2018
The flagship will be announced in Shenzhen at the annual Xiaomi flagship event.

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  • Dk

How much its price.....

skipping a number - also can be copied

  • Anonymous

bref, 22 May 2018Bring it on XiaomiWe have waited too long. Can't wait to see what you show the world this time!

TechGeek29, 23 May 2018You could just use a type-c to 3.5mm adapter or also a Y-splitte... moreI had both MI 5 and MI 6. For now, I'll try another chinese brand to see how it works.

  • Anonymous

Weird that they decided to skip a phone's number just like Samsung and Apple before them but I guess it is all for the importance of 8 in China.

Still it is weird so many people think it'll have a notch. Maybe there are just tons of people hoping that Apple didn't make a mistake and that its horrible iPhone X sales was just a glitch and it'll pick up again or something even though Apple already stopped manufacturing of that device. I know most people don't realize that the iPhone X is actually based on a rejected design of the old Mi MIX 2 that Xiaomi was smart enough not to use back then. If they did know then they would understand why it would be so weird for the company to actually release a notch phone. Even if you look at any Mi fansite, their MIUI forum or even Xiaomi's official Weibo and WeChat pages every single time there's a mention about the notch you can bet the comments section will be flooded with anti-notch reactions. Most people are even saying that if Xiaomi did release a notch phone then they'd skip buying it. If that happened it would be the first and only time a Xiaomi flagship didn't sell out in seconds. It is very doubtful Xiaomi would want that especially to celebrate 8 years.

Most likely Xiaomi is planning to release something like the Vivo APEX which will have an astounding 98% screen to body ratio. (Knowing Xiaomi they'll probably cut it even closer to 99% since the Vivo's edge bezels are slightly larger at 1.8mm instead of Xiaomi MIX's 1.7mm) They might also flip it from the MIX's design so there will be a razer thin 4mm forehead which might just be enough room to add a standard earpiece and front facing camera though I'm going to assume it'll be a fairly low end camera to make up for how small it'll have to be. A shame but if MIUI 10 which this phone is said to be bundled with has the AI features behind it it might not matter so much if the cameras themselves aren't that good. We've already seen the drastic improvements AI has brought to the lower end 12MP cameras found in Mi 6, Mi Note 3, iPhone X and Galaxy S8. Since Xiaomi has already done better than most in facial recognition (named Face Unlock on MIUI) they'll probably be using MIUI 10 and its AI power to roll the feature out universally.

Of course if there is to be a notch it is also rumored that Xiaomi is pulling an Apple and simultaneously releasing Mi 7 and Mi 8 so maybe the notch will be a Mi 7 feature just like how Force Touch was a thing on the Mi 5S one off phone.

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 23 May 2018 The chipset Snapdragon 845 released since December, it's alread... moreLol at this guy! December 2017 was an announcement. February 2018 is the release date of SD845 and the DynamIQ architecture is still new.

I have been waiting mi7 for months, cause of i need a compact flagship. it will be 6'' just like other alternatives.
Why there is no compact phone anymore?

  • Anonymous

The chipset Snapdragon 845 released since December, it's already old, Pass

  • AnonD-685717

Egerly waiting for this

  • AnonD-685717

EGERLY W∆ITING FOR THIS !!!🔥♥️&#128­293;

oomer, 22 May 2018i think it will be lot better than honor 10,which doesnt has ois... moreHonor 10 which sold 1 million units in China alone for only a month? -,-
If Mi 8 will be better then its sales numbers will be over than Huawei's recent unit.

  • Anonymous

420€ for 6" FHD screen, 3D face recognition and 8 Gb of ram... and at the same time xiaomi release the mi mix 2s in europe at 499€ (6Gb version)?
No need to be really cleaver to understand that the price is wrong (maybe a "light" version) or the specs are fake.

Mi 8 Very nice. Excited.

limafranco, 22 May 2018I might say that I don't bother with notch. But this one is huge... moreYou could just use a type-c to 3.5mm adapter or also a Y-splitter to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. No headphone jack is not a big deal breaker.

  • Anonymous

Mohaymen, 23 May 2018I really wish it ran on Android One!I'm pretty sure it'll get custom ROMs support, like LineageOS. Good hardware + clean Android = win-win.

  • Beastage

got mi6, running butter smooth and sweet lineageos.

the phone is awesome in anyway, except for camera, camera is really subpar.

Mr, 22 May 2018You can't be flagship killer when your price is getting close to... moreWhat are you talking about!? It is still half the price of other flagships like from lg, samsung or Huawei .

I really wish it ran on Android One!

Mr, 22 May 2018You can't be flagship killer when your price is getting close to... moreIndeed. Xiaomi is trailing behind those big names in terms of specification and quality, but also raising the prices as well. Well, it's not as aggressive as OnePlus did, but its move recently causing Mi phones to lose its 'flagship killer' status it held for so long. Nevertheless, we would hope that the Mi 8 will regain customer's faith towards the brand, if they don't bother about the notch, that is

I might say that I don't bother with notch. But this one is huge, just like iPhone X. Then we have the audio jack that was removed in past devices. So... this year, I'm going with 1+6