Xiaomi Mi 8's specs leak reveal 6.2-inch display, in-display fingerprint scanner

24 May 2018
Xiaomi Mi 8's specs sheet leaks - 6.2-inch 19:9 display, 128GB internal storage, 20MP + 16MP main shooters on the back.

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AnonD-744321, 24 May 20181- you can get rid of the bottom bezel if you cut the bezel... more1: No, that chin ain't going anywhere so long as Xiaomi wants to keep the price down. I get what you are saying, but the only phone that totally lacks a chin is the iPhone X. I don't exactly get what you're saying about place for the cameras and speaker, thats in the notch.

2: The camera hasn't been the best, but it wasn't that bad on the Mix 2s. Let's also not assume yet, as we don't know everything about the phone.

3:Um, bumper case? You'd still be able to protect the phone and see the beauty on the back, though it's just a piece of ceramic.

4: Well, it might have the in display fingerprint scanner, as seen by the massive amount of leaks about it. LCD that are able to house the in display fingerprint scanner haven't been mass produced yet, so it's most likely OLED, which should help battery.

I think we all just need to wait. You're being a little, just a little, critical of the phone way too early. Let's just wait and see.

Rem, 24 May 2018JDI manufacture a transparent fingerprint sensor that is in... moreJDI's LCD fingerprint reader is expected to start shipping to OEMs sometime before the end of March 2019. It's way too early to be in the Mi8

  • Lumina

Anonymous, 25 May 2018Oh damn it. The phone being slightly too big, the battery... moreI have a galaxy A5 2016 for two years and i've dropped it countless of times. (With a simple silicon case) and it never shatters nor cracks. Glass on phones are quite durable nowadays so it's fine. Obviously not as tough as aluminum or plastic but hey they are still pretty dang tough

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2018Done complaining? Don't buy it.I find it funny when people say "stop complaining don't buy it"

If everyone doesn't buy it that manufacturer will have a problem

bref, 24 May 2018I thought fingerprint sensors under the display only work w... moreBecause of it, I think it's a fake leak.

  • qq

Great time to live in China as a foreigner

Anonymous, 24 May 2018Hope Mi 8 will be better than OnePlus 6Noooo it's obviously going to copy it and remember that oneplus has a better development support. Meaning rooting and bootloader unlocking with custom mods doesn't void your warranty. that's amazing

  • Anonymous

Oh damn it.
The phone being slightly too big, the battery too small, thebmost probable absence of the 3.5mm and the presence of a notch are the major issues.
Also the glass back creates a bit more stress. I don't drop my phone too often and wear a case for my Mi A1, but the probability of shattering it rises with the Mi 8.
Otherwise by given statistics atleast, it's looking good!

However, I am actually somehow even more interested in Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera. My need for a powerhouse-flagship smartphone is quite minimal nowadays, I have been happy with Mi A1, apart from some laggyness on lengthy webpages.

  • Hulki

Under display fingerprint?
Isnt that only possible with an oled?! The specs say its an ips display so....

  • AnonD-744321

AnonD-744321, 24 May 20181- you can get rid of the bottom bezel if you cut the bezel... moreEDIT:- oh by the way 19:9 means a notch 1:9 fit for the NOTCH
also means no chin gestures (like Samsungs infinity display at 18.5:9 or iPhone X chinless gestures)

  • AnonD-744321

Sir Alucard, 24 May 2018Screen size is a full number, so maybe notch won't be there... more1- you can get rid of the bottom bezel if you cut the bezel of (Xiaomi MIX 1,2,2S and alactel 5 are good examples) the type of screen doesn't mater you only need a place for the selfe camera and the mic and the speakers
2- Xiaomi have ALLWAYS be a weak snaper BUT the Xiaomi MIX 2S had a party good camera compared to the past generations (just after Xiaomi announced the new camera development devotion) now cameout with a hole new camera set up but tho it could be lucky
any way the problem is not in the camera the problem is In the video recording 1+ has UHD recording at 60fps and FHD at 240fps and even RAM buffer for slow motion the S9 also has it and an even faster slomo and HTC U12+ has it all to challenge Apple ISP
the big problem is that Xiaomi have been using the samd old in house ISP since the Mi5 thinking it is batter then the competition the big problem is it doesn't include FHD at 60fps (but they added HD recording at 120fps so no on will notice) and flagship since the SD800 begin tho the Mi5s had FHD at 120 and the Mi5s PLUS which should be the ULTIMATE camera dropped both FHD and HD slo om for dual camera
Xiaomi should stick to snapdragons ISP or just make a new one
3- the hard truth is that you will need a case to protect the phone and once you put it on you will have to hide the BEAUTIFUL glass back
thin case will eventually get dirty an the scratches will force to buy a new one
the ONLY way to fix it is by covering it with waterproof nano coating (like Motorola and Apple)
4-not unless it has OLED display then NO it is useless also with more pixels in the display (used or unused) you will lose more batter through the GPU and the display (Wiko VIEW and iPhone X are gokd examples for what I just said

stivi737, 24 May 2018and you still ordered a mi mix 2...?It's not a 6.2 inch phone but, yes, it is at the outer limit of the size I can tolerate.

  • piri

6.2 inch display?? yet another big phone....disappointed

  • Jb

Sir Alucard, 24 May 2018Screen size is a full number, so maybe notch won't be there... more19:9 aspect ratio means there will be a notch

  • Anonymous

Hope Mi 8 will be better than OnePlus 6

I don't like fast charging, since it destroys the battery quickly. Anyway, the battery is decent. Not great, but it's fine. All the rest of the specs are good enough to be true. I heard that this phone has a crazy price that will put the iPhone X to shame. XD

Would be awesome if they launched it in more markets though...

AnonD-744321, 24 May 20186.2 inch 19:9 = 6.0 inch 18:9 TRUE estate 3300mah battery?... moreScreen size is a full number, so maybe notch won't be there. Cameras are good, and battery isn't bad. LG and OnePlus manage to do just fine with 3300. Don't know where you got those video recording numbers from. Not many boxes show that IP rating, so we won't know until launch. Headphone jack should be there, I agree. Xiaomi might switch to GG5 for this flags, but we won't know until launch. Also, clear cases are a solution to the fingerprint problem. I guess they went with the notch because they're trying to make their phone an awesome alternative to the iPhone X. They can't get rid of the chin unless they use the expensive bottomless OLED panel from the iPhone X, which is the reason for its high price. This phone is actually pretty good, considering it'll have a in display fingerprint scanner and face ID. Let's wait and see.

  • badjura

Great phone,lika a nokia siroco..Best

  • Anonymous

AnonD-744321, 24 May 20186.2 inch 19:9 = 6.0 inch 18:9 TRUE estate 3300mah battery?... moreDone complaining? Don't buy it.