The new phones of week 21

27 May 2018
Samsung Galaxy J8, J6, J4, S Light Luxury, Wide 3, LG Q7 and more.

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OnePlus 6 deserves to be on top of the list because of its bang for a buck price given.
IdK why Huawei is still using Kirin 659 SoCs and also Samsung on their own Exynos 7870.
Can they make new midrange SoC next couple of months?

Apart from Huawei and Oppo rest of the phones dont even stand for take a look. Especuialy Samsung with their outrageous pricing.
The only good phone which stands out is LG Q7 but again high price could kill above average phone.

Samsung's problem will always be consistency of their nomenclature and clear distinction between models. But then again there is Oppo with a billion models that are almost the same and differ barely by name. And Huawei with it's never-ending use of their Kirin 65x.