Specs for HTC Runnymede and Bliss leak, a new press shot too

13 September, 2011
A leaked confidential HTC document reveals the full specs of HTC Runnymede and Bliss.

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  • HungryHippo

Once again, HTC has failed on producing a decent phone. HTC has made a HUGE mistake on choosing the hardware on this phone. The 4.7" screen is a good pick but WVGA?!? The resolution will be awful for that size.. Single core processor?!? 768MB of ram??

The perfect phone should have the following specifications:
4"-4.7" SCREEN in IPS or HD
1gb+ RAM

  • Prototype

Its retarded how the HTC Runnymede isa single core phone.. I mean, I'd definitely purchase this phone since it has a HUGE screen but the deal breaker was the fact that it doesnt have a TEGRA 2 processor/chipset.

  • AnonD-1550

Runnymede sounds like a medical condition xD

  • Anonymous

I wonder if a German judge will ban the sale of this phone in all of the European Union...


good job!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-2663

That's one expensive POS - GBP530 comes to USD$838 (for the 16GB model)

  • leoryo

i think htc has a crush on 1,5 ghz by not choosing dual core. i know that my 1 ghz htc hd2 phone (on android) is starting to push to its limits when it comes to run the latest apps and games. now wether that 1,5 ghz is enough and dual core is too much for an upgrade, i think the application compability issue is still the main preferences choosing each one of them...

  • kamat

Well as much as I love HTC this is kinda really annoying now that they are making glaring mistakes where they shouldnt
RAM - 768
4"7 = great..but WVGA??
Single core??

Whats going on HTC??

  • Anonymous

Oooh i want ginger breed!! Nom!nom!

  • raman

htc hs a gud markting because look is very nice so i like it .....

  • SFAN

Raj, 14 Sep 2011Adreno 205....I think that with the price these phones will prob... moreAgreed, especially their new Sense 3.0/3.5 requires GPU to run. I think that they should focus more on RAM, ROM, CPU and GPU than BEATS headphones. Also, they need to optimize their Sense skin to the cpu.

  • Anonymous

4.7"+WVGA = disaster

  • Raj

Adreno 205....I think that with the price these phones will probably carry they should have gone with a more premium GPU.

  • Anonymous

Who the heck would pay that much for a single-core phone!? Oh yeah, I forgot about the iPhone...

  • AnonD-15047

1080p, Please. 1080p.

  • AnonD-22028

Kinda crushing on that screen size ... wonder if the dual core lackage is a big deal for this model.

  • MMK

WVGA on a 4.7 screen!!!

whats up HTC?

  • AnonD-13739

Really glad that manufacters are starting to make white phones. It's great to see new phones with a (small) variety of colors. "Black" was starting to feel boring.

  • imad

It doesnt make sense. Sensation has 4.3" screen witn qHD rssolution. Runnymede has a bigger 4.7" screen with a lower WVGA resolution. Dumb

  • Adrian

It has a bigger screen then Galaxy S2, but it has less ppi (resolution) then it....i think the display is crappy.