Xiaomi Mi 8 pictured, to come with own Animojis

28 May 2018
Other leaks suggest the phone will have a better camera than the dual setup of the Mi Mix 2S.

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Nice wallpaper with black strip on the bottom. We all know the device is bezelless...

  • Slayer666

the bottom bezel is too big for my liking

ProJames, 28 May 2018Because that's something we seriously needed. I don't know ... moreCheck Instagram and Snapchat trends and you'll be amazed about what's popular nowadays.

Xiaomi has a good run on their marketing, but copying Apple to the fullest is just dumb as fudge. Come on, Animojis?

  • Anonymous

I like Xiaomi, but I don't like their Apple fetish, that's really an unhealthy obsession. But then again, business-wise it's genius. Make the same kind of stuff for less than half of the price of an iPhone X and voilá - fellow Chinese are already going crazy buying them, followed by some Indians and now Xiaomi even gained land in European countries with offline shops.

I just hope Xiaomi would really make something of their own too, or atleast not copy notches "just because".
Xiaomi has the Mi Mix, I mean that's the absolute opposite of the notch! It's beautiful, but I would change it only so, that I'd flip the bottom bezel up. One fine thin bezel is much better than an ugöy, intruding notch.

All the Android OEM makers are trying so hard to follow Apple.... Notch, removal 3.5mm jack, now animojis.... I wonder what they are going to follow next after the upcoming Apple event.

  • mifans

bad story : thick chin and no underdisplay fingerprint 😢

  • AnonD-594740

Those animojis look quite awful.
Better than Samsung's but still far away from Apple's one.

  • ordaolmayanadam

There is a chin at the bottom so the notch really is not needed but simply a design choice? too bad :(

  • Roni

How would any one of you feel being the one to introduce this phone to an auditorium?
I'd feel embarrassed. Showing this clone and at the same time pretending that you work for a serious company...

  • Milo

troll, 28 May 2018I used xiaomi phone but man their making crap design now. w... moreBecause they are busy Suing Samsung, trying to take all the crap out of them.
They don't pay attention to crappy Chinese copy cats.

  • Salah

Xiaomiphone X
Half the price, Half the build quality. Same consumerism principle.

LG Superfan, 28 May 2018Apple does not have fp scannerProbably Xiaomi did not noticed that, BUT there are 3 more days until release, so lets wait, they may get rid of it, as they do with most of the goods stuff that intended to have.
Plus Xiaomi is working on face recognition software (rumored) so they can fully match iPhone. Probably it will be as crappy as Apple's because that is cool. LOL

Yonef, 28 May 2018They decided to copy Apple in this manner too LOLApple does not have fp scanner

Yonef, 28 May 2018They decided to copy Apple in this manner too LOLApple doesn't have fo in X and never on rear side in any iPhone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 May 2018Now I can fool everyone into believing that I have an iPhon... moreUnfortunately you can't :)
Look at that big chin!!! Sad to see that picture :(

  • tryagain

nah no its ugly af,why they must have a chin? did that very important,or because its LCD so they need a chin?

Anonymous, 28 May 2018Now I can fool everyone into believing that I have an iPhon... moreYou're in luck, MIUI theme store has an iOS theme of very high similarity with the real iOS, even the control center exists!

LG Superfan, 28 May 2018Fp scanner on back? What happened to in display one?They decided to copy Apple in this manner too

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 May 2018Bcoz ...this phone is half price of iPhone x... Y need to p... morehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha