Xiaomi's Black Shark gaming phone to go on sale again later this week

29 May 2018
The confirmation came from Black Shark Technology's CEO, who said production issues were resolved.

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  • Anonymous

Who cares about gaming on a phone? well, many but not me!
But I will buy this phone as soon as I can and if available in my country,
because as far as specs go, this is flagship material.
My MI5 still rocks with latest Lineage, but I could use a faster one.

  • Anonymous

this phone is still A PHONE don't compare this phone on the REAL tested psp
, Nintendo switch etc.

hard gamming is not for this phone. much better to go with the classic but well known and tested

Still a flagship killer for its specs and money they ask for it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2018who games on phones? make a tablet instead as nvidia killed... moreMIllions do. While I do agree with you about tablets, they normally represent a 'second' purchase, while mobile phones are for many their main device. If Xiaomi do well here, they may introduce a gaming tablet down the line.

  • Kangal

While I'm all in for competition, this device just makes no sense.
You're better off with a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and a GameSir T1s controller.
Or a dedicated GPD XD 2. Or if you can afford it, the king is the GPD Win 2.

Also, and it feels like everyone has forgotten about the Nintendo Switch!

  • Anonymous

who games on phones? make a tablet instead as nvidia killed the shield tablet and nobody is interested getting money on the tablet platform now.. i dont get it.

I wonder if Xiaomi will release this globally. It will be awesome!

These online flash sales is a tool used to whip up the market...these chinese oems just make an sensational phone at low price. But they dont actually sell it in open market. It limited only to few thousand ppl who are able to grab one.

They just produce a phone to create a bencmark for cusomers to compare... but in fact their phones are not available to purchase. So its only viable for us, customers to compare only those phones which are readily, openly available. And not set these chinese phones as bencmark for value for money. As theyy cant be purchased in the first place.

Sad to see nokia also going that way with x6.

I would love to buy one, but waiting on MIUI Global Version. So far only Chinese version available.