Nokia 2 is getting Android Oreo in June

29 May 2018
The 2017 Nokia 2 is getting up to Android 8 Oreo next month.

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  • Ragavan

Nokia 2 oreo roll out

  • NokiaRulez

Acceptable ? Dude , Samsung products aren't even updated as much as Nokia (way cheaper products) are !! So it's AWESOME , NOKIA RULEZ, Samsung leaves it's customers out cold. They're only in it for the money!!

  • Sticker

Nokia are the champs. They look after their products and customers.

  • Anonymous

Also HMD already promised Android P to this! Ingredible good thing!

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 30 May 2018Android 8.1 was released on 5 December 2017, actually a little e... morePhones this cheap usually come with older software so this is acceptable

  • Kangal

Android 8.1 was released on 5 December 2017, actually a little earlier to OEMs.
The Nokia 2 was released 28 November 2017. It came with Android 7.1.1 Nougat which was 3-4 months past the release of Android 8.0 Oreo.

So technically speaking, Nokia are pushing the update around 6-7 months late.... on a device that shipped with a late running version. Not sure how I should feel about that since the device is running pretty much barebones Stock Android.

  • Irfan

Bought a LG G5.. Ex Flagship.. But not Even Two Major Updates.. Still in Nougat.. Shame Of U LG...

  • Anonymous

Kiyasuriin, 29 May 2018Nice! Thank you Nokia!Yep! HMD really rocks on these upgrades even in their low end Nokia phones.
Many other company should be shamed compared to this kind of service!

Nice! Thank you Nokia!