Nokia 5.1, 3.1, and 2.1 get their Indian prices confirmed

30 May 2018
Nokia 5.1 is INR 12,499 ($184), while the 2.1 is INR 6,999 ($103).

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  • Ansari

Anonymous, 31 May 2018I don't understand too why do companies increase screen siz... moreYes, There is hardly any compact size phones now days( 4.5 and 4.7 inches)

Anonymous, 31 May 2018No its NOT.. It uses a Mali 860 MP2 and it beats the Adreno... moreThats a lie.

  • Anonymous

pl2rts, 30 May 2018I am average Nokia buyer as i have had 90% of my phones onl... moreI don't understand too why do companies increase screen sizes for entry-level phones. Why don't they follow the trial and tested screen of 4.7 inches of an iPhone, apart from that they are copying apple in every other aspect.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2018No its NOT.. It uses a Mali 860 MP2 and it beats the Adreno... moreCorrection.. It uses an Overclocked 860MP2 which is faster than ADRENO 506 (not 508) in SD450

  • Anonymous

Nick, 30 May 2018Looking at the devices themselves, I mean who would really ... moreLOL So shallow by judging the books by its cover in this case judging a phone by its look.. Nokia here has something not many other have in this price point.. BUILT.QUALITY.

  • Anonymous

Arif238, 30 May 2018Mediatek P18 Ruined Nokia 5.1. Its GPU is so bad that it ... moreNo its NOT.. It uses a Mali 860 MP2 and it beats the Adreno 508 in SD 450.. NOKIA is right for choosing P18 over SD450

  • Downy

The guy below, you're probably referring to older MediaTek processors. Their new processors aren't as bad as before. Let's break this stereotype, MediaTek processors aren't bad, they're just cheaper than SD but their performance are satisfactory.

LinnDrumFan, 30 May 2018Probably becuase your average buyer couldn't give two hoots... moreI am average Nokia buyer as i have had 90% of my phones only Nokia. But now i dont see Nokia be anything special. Stock android i dont care much. I want a small phone but cant get it from Nokia even. When Nokia phones get small there price get to big for me and there for i see better options in the market with unknown names that dont ask half the price for just the name. To be honest lately i only see updates that F up things more then do something good for there devices. Low end and budget mid range phones dont get much for any updates and it makes you just feel better that your droid have newer number on it to show of or something.

I dont understand what support everyone is talking about. For me support is something what i need if my phone has problems so then i contact with Nokia and they fix it or try to help to fix it. None of that is fast or anything. Android update support for few years well ok good, but is that all you need out of phone ? My mom have some LG Leon for something over 3 years and she does not care about the updates. Loads of other people dont care about updates and it's not why they buy said phone for them selves.

My mom cant buy new phones today cause there is nothing to choose from as everything are 5 inch to 6.5 inch and she does not want to have Apple devices cause of there connectivity with other devices. My mom would of got iphone 7 last year from work but she didnt want it cause she's use to with droid.

I for one go with best hardware for the price and i dont care much of the updates anymore. For the use i use my phone i dont need it to update. I get p!ssed already cause every day or few times a week my phone wants to update something. It's like it updates always when i need to go somewhere.

If you sell your phones in 2 markets that have over billion in population then dont wonder. I want smaller phone or bigger usable space then large brick bezels on both sides of the screen that makes the phone even bigger. 151mm tall phones have 5.7-6 inch screens in them

Mediatek P18 Ruined Nokia 5.1.
Its GPU is so bad that it is not mentioned in the specification.

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  • Sticker

umeshk, 30 May 2018Bezels are big, which aint goodYeah, this is the off putting thing of the new Nokia phones. Even the 2017 ones look better because the controls are locate there.

  • Vel

They removed the price

People were thinking that Nokia 6 would launch at Rs.13,000 :D

  • Anonymous

Merwyn Fernandes, 30 May 2018Makeup your mind already. If they add notches you have a... moreFor first time I actually agree with you on this one..

  • Anonymous

So disappointing to see Nokia use midetak. They could at least used the snapdragon 450.

Lol, Mediatek P18 for $184(RS.12,499). Could easily get SD636 for Rs. 11,000.

What's the point of unveiling devices months before it actually hit the market -_- So interested buyers are supposed to do what, wait for months, still face supply shortage issues?

  • Anonymous

hmd could have used SD450 on Nokia 5.1... no interest to buy mediatek device

Bezels are big, which aint good

  • Anonymous

As usual, HMD will sell the phones in 2 months or more after launching...