Moto Z3 Play gets benchmarked with Snapdragon 660 on board

31 May 2018
That's surprising, since past leaks talked about it being powered by the Snapdragon 636.

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  • AnonD-756732

Fly agaric, 31 May 2018Ugly as usual. 3000mAh with a 6 incher screen is a joke. Get t... moreIt's not an 800 series SD with a 2k screen dude, the 3000 mAh battery will be fine.

  • AnonD-756732

I'll be buying this for myself soon.

  • Anonymous

Ist a bummer that the Play devices dont have big batteries like the first one had

I'll buy this for the Moto mods especially.

This is more like the 636. A Moto G6 Plus with the 660 was rumored, which would make me consider it

  • Rem

It's a software bug due to share platform. Like is done by other manufacturers including Intel and AMD, etc, Qualcomm use their SD660 with some clusters defect as SD636, they simply disable them and as the rest are perfectly working they sell them as a lower range SD636. Which is understandable, instead of throwing them out and losing money they take advantage of them.

  • Anonymous

Nice SoC, hopefully 4000mAh on-board

Still expecting they will make Z3 Force with SD845 or better

Those are definitely the Snapdragon 636 results.

  • Fly agaric

Ugly as usual.
3000mAh with a 6 incher screen is a joke. Get the module right away! Unfortunately, you ain't getting any other one, as it's gotta be the extra battery to occupy the slot...

Its NOT the SD 660. Geekbench reports the 636 as 660 for some reason.

The single threaded score is too low for a 2.2 ghz A73 core. Its the 1.8ghz version from the 636.

It's very likely a Snapdragon 636, but the motherboard is a Snapdragon 660. This is the same for my Zenfone 5 too. Antutu says it's a Snapdragon 660 with Adreno 512, but in reality it is a Snapdragon 636 with Adreno 509.

This is lowest of the offering from premium family of Z by Motorola. With 660 SoC, pretty sure with will be priced high.
Now even Blackberry is planning for a Keytwo launch with 660 SoC.
If price tag of both is nearly same ( high possibility) , I will prefer to buy a Blackberry.

However, if one needs value for money, Mi 6x will be a great bang for bucks, as it offers SoC 660 hand set at pretty affordable tag.