Huawei Watch 2 (2018) unveiled: eSIM, nano-SIM and no SIM versions now available

31 May 2018
Despite the "2018" in the name, nothing much has changed from the original Huawei Watch 2/Pro.

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Wear OS is just horrible absolutely usless. Charging it every day and it takes 100 min to charge, why I the hell you even need this burden?

  • thewolf8u

What GPU does it have for COD?

Nothing has changed!! But at least I don't have to update from my current Huawei 2 Smartwatch. In the meantime, I will wait to see what Google bring later this year with their new Smartwatches.

The screen is a disappointment!
1.2" screen in 2018!? Should be at least 1.4"
Also not being able to change to my own bands or at least be able to choose from more color variants than only 3 is a deal breaker!

  • Anonymous

They should have done more watches like the HW1

screen could be larger. why it is not 1.4".
this type of sport wrist band, could not lay the watch completely flat on desk.
wait for smart watch models that use new chips

  • AnonD-80051

100 minutes charging, but only last for 1 day? haha

  • Mate 10 user

It looks quite ugly... Still waiting for a moto 360 like watch That would be 50 percent slimmer...