Samsung Vice Chairman delays the Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch by two weeks

31 May 2018
Samsung wants to make a last minute change in the design - it will reduce the front glass thickness.

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  • 03 Jun 2018

Geric.770, 01 Jun 2018Hmmm... That means buyers will have to use a case! (Pro tip lol)I genuinely know somebody who uses a GN8 without a case or even a screen film, but I find that approach pretty baffling.

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    • 01 Jun 2018

    Qualcomm SDM845 is old now... next please

      Hope that redesign includes the battery being improved as well, I don't care for the in-display as it is inconvenient if that goes south and repairing it would be expensive. Battery, camera and display should be the focus for this generation..

        Shanti Dope, 01 Jun 2018They should defintely go back to making two versions one fl... moreTrue. That S7 Duo was a perfect combo for consumers to pick which is more usable and more important to them.
        For me, having a flat screen is way better than this curve ones because:
        1. It does not reflect light on your screen when watching content; and
        2. It does not slip on your hands while holding the phone.

          That means buyers will have to use a case! (Pro tip lol)

            AnonD-546724, 01 Jun 2018Wouldn't that make the phone even more fragile ? And mor... moreIn display fingerprint scanner works even with screen protector and yes, it's true these phones area fragile, but I think at this point, they expect you to put on a case

              Stondec100, 01 Jun 2018Maybe they've decided to add IR blaster and in-display fing... moreNah, I highly doubt it. IR blaster is gone and they can't add the in display fingerprint scanner this late in development most likely.

                Trump Fan 1980, 01 Jun 2018 I hope the redesign does not mean the absence of a 3.5 mm jack. It's the front glass only, so that's highly unlikely

                  I hope the redesign does not mean the absence of a 3.5 mm jack.

                    lell, 01 Jun 2018Apex camera is Rumoured and not on sale , so what he sees a... moreApex is not rumor it is a fully functional prototype which was showcased at MWC maybe he saw and used one there unlikely but possible

                      I think the Flat and Curved display and back ate just BS. One cannot change physical designs so fast.

                      I think he must have asked for improving the photo and video quality even further now that Xiaomi Mi 8 has gatecrashed the DXO Labs party. Though the S9 not only has superb dynamic range, it also preserves details I pics extremely well. I tested a Host of smartphone cameras and I am guessing that S9 may actually beat most of the competition for the sheer amount of details it preserves (others increase dynamic range at the cost of smearing detail).

                      I am guessing the Note 9 has 1 or 2 more tricks up its sleeve.

                        Luxor, 01 Jun 2018True. I guess competitor knows how to use the superamoled b... moreThey should defintely go back to making two versions one flat screen and one curved one.
                        Even if only a few flat units will be sold, it still means something because something is better than nothing in this case.

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                          • 01 Jun 2018

                          ns1030, 01 Jun 2018Somebody please show him Pixel or Nokia , maybe he will lik... moreI second that, but they'll never go for stock android

                            Anonymous, 01 Jun 2018ROFL... i knew it! As i said in previous comments on Xia... moreI don´t think samsung would be able to add the software & hardware to implement 3D face scan technology or in display fingerprint scanner this late into the development cycle. To add those features only 2 months before launch would mean a complete internal redesign which seems too optimistic to me. As for the reason why they´re changing the thickness of glass though, I have no clue

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                              • 01 Jun 2018

                              ROFL... i knew it!

                              As i said in previous comments on Xiaomi.. Samsung got scared lol, and delay Note 9 to add more features.

                              So most likely its either in display fingerprint scanner or 3d face scanner. Both whether its launch or not, will be highly experimental and most likely buggy.

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                                • 01 Jun 2018

                                Shanti Dope, 01 Jun 2018And there's only one conclusion: Competitors make Samsun... moreTrue. I guess competitor knows how to use the superamoled better than Samsung. They need to know flat display feels better in hand than curved ones. He probably used to using Samsung curved flagship too long and never hold a flat smartphone in years.

                                  Luxor, 01 Jun 2018You guys rather spread false rumor of Samsung copying vivo ... moreAnd there's only one conclusion:

                                  Competitors make Samsung's hardwares work better than Samsung does themselves.

                                  The fact that you said that those Oppo and Vivo phones felt better in the hand than the Note series can give us some slight bit of hope for Samsung to actually remove the useless curved edges of the screen, which wasn't even aesthetically pleasing to say the least. I also second this, because even the Galaxy A8 2018 felt better in the hands due to its comfortable flat screen with no curved glass.

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                                    • 01 Jun 2018

                                    Anonymous, 01 Jun 2018Oh gawd please dont let it be a notchThere won't be a notch for two reasons: 1. Samsung do listen to the market and know how many people hate the notch and consider it a design cop out. 2. Samsung make their own displays, unlike most of the companies making phones with notches, who are forced to buy the displays from 3rd parties who mass produce them at price. I believe this will be LG Display and Sharp.

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                                      • 01 Jun 2018

                                      You guys rather spread false rumor of Samsung copying vivo and oppo notch design than doing some proper research. *smh

                                      First of all, the vice president is on official business trip in China when he visited the competitor stores to see their products. The reason for changes in Note9 design is because he saw Oppo and Vivo product that using their Superamoled feels better compare to their Note series. Those product I assumed to be Vivo X21 series and Oppo R15 series which is the only latest product by them using amoled screen. Original article:

                                      " Because Vice Chairman Lee touched OPPO and VIVO products that are applied with Samsung Display's OLED panels at Chinese stores, he was able to change their window glass because they felt better than Note series. " said a representative for a parts industry.

                                        Google it, photo and news in korean website also lol