Sharp to unveil Aquos S3 High Edition this Thursday

04 June 2018
The phone will feature a faster chipset and more storage compared to the base Aquos S3, plus other extras. 

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  • Keith Lengrino
  • 84r
  • 06 Jun 2018

Merwyn Fernandes, 04 Jun 2018Sharp has become a tyoical Chinese counterfeit after Foxcon... moreNot a lot of people know that Sharp is now a Chinese company.(Foxconn)
They are like cheating to the crowd claiming that it's from Japan and it's all a scam.

As an user I can say SHARP phone is now shit like Xiaomi.

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    • AnonD-746347
    • v3E
    • 05 Jun 2018

    Forget about Sharp phones... We supported their FS8002 the so called Z2 in Malaysia but ended up with no software updates, battery problem, mainboard problem, auto shutdown, & repair cost is same like buying a new Z2 phone?! Just forget about Sharp phones guys. Their phones can't compete among the others. If Sharp really owned by Japanese, they already have press conference & apologized for this product failure. No wonder Z2 is not available in Japan. Can't even passed the quality test!

      I respect Sharp. I don't respect notches.

        Sharp has become a tyoical Chinese counterfeit after Foxconn Took over.

        Long gone is the Japanese innovation.

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          • Anonymous
          • Ibx
          • 04 Jun 2018

          Sharp you have great TVs, now bring it to the US cell mkt.

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            • AnonD-731363
            • SH3
            • 04 Jun 2018

            So we get a Polish Fiat with Motor from Audi :-)