LG Q Stylus series announced with 6.2-inch display, Android 8.1 Oreo

06 June 2018
The series consists of three models, including Q Stylus, Q Stylus+, and Q Stylusα. North America and Asia will be the first regions to get these phones.

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  • stanglo

Seems like LG Stylo 4 has a bigger screen but specs. are similar to the Stylo 3..not much of an up grade..?

  • Uwot.m8

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2018Stopped reading at IP68.Are you planning on diving with your phone?

Stylus with a mid-range processor is not a good choice

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2018dvb t2 tuner ,18 inch subwoofer !!Haha

YoloBS, 06 Jun 2018Stylus and ip rating is always welcome . I guess stylus is usele... moreAgree

  • AnonD-751111

why not using sd660 with 4/64gb and 4000mAh battery?

  • someone

LG Q Stylus ThinQ ??? .. why no ThinQ ..i thought they were just adding it to any product they are launching ...lol

YalokIy, 06 Jun 2018Let me guess, SoC is MTK Helio P10?Helio P10 has 2GHz, so this on is SD450.

A piece of thin metal rod and call it stylus. Ok. Must have taken years to design that stylus. What else it can do.

  • Sam

Tonberry, 06 Jun 2018If it's a decent, pressure sensitive stylus, then it's going to ... moreDon't dream, when they omit mentioning the SoC on purpose the reason is usually that it is low tier, SD4XX at best. The LG G4 Stylus had a SD410...... and watching the cameras... is easy figure it.

  • Anonymous

Stopped reading at IP68.

  • Tonberry

If it's a decent, pressure sensitive stylus, then it's going to be an awesome phone. Hopefully it has at least Snapdragon 636 or equivalent.

Again missed out on Rear Design (looking too old) and low resolution selfie camera (needs atleast 13MP)

Let me guess, SoC is MTK Helio P10?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2018IR Blaster?dvb t2 tuner ,18 inch subwoofer !!

  • Anonymous

IR Blaster?

Wingardium Stylusa ... it looks nice. the balance, the symmetry, like it

Not that ugly rear again. Will be likely priced about 300USD if not 350. At least it's not a dumb notchphone with bezels.

  • Anonymous

Not bad if it's around 200 dollars.

  • Anonymous

Huawei need to start making a S-Pen for the Mate Series going forward.