Samsung S8600 Wave 3 coming up in October

19 September, 2011
Samsung has confirmed that the new Bada flagship will be hitting the shelves next month.

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  • Anonymous

mark, 20 Sep 2011another failure waiting to happen. amazing phone awesome technol... moreThere are a lot of other options for an android phone.

But you can't compare bada with Symbian. Symbian ist just outdated, but you have a working system with proper support.
Bada is just a failure. It is no smartphone, because there is no third party software. There is no working browser except the java opera tha you could use on an old lg arena. The built in browser dies every minute, because it runs out of resources ..

  • Fauque

Barry : LOL ? This is BADA 2.0. This is not Android but TOUCHWIZZ 4.0.

  • Barry

Why is the image portraying android yet its supposedly running on bada??

  • Martin

I hope it comes to Denmark.. Please....

  • mark

another failure waiting to happen. amazing phone awesome technology crap os. bit like symbian.

why o why not on android. this would be amazing.

  • Mooza

If this does come to Australia, I hope Samsung decide to support it. The original Wave is still running the first release of Bada. Like any other first release, it has many, many issues. Maybe releasing 1.2 on existing Bada phones would be the more intelligent choice Samsung Aus?

  • abhishek.d

good phone....hope it fall cheap like previous waves.

  • Farhan

Just cant wait to get my hands on the final version of bada 2.0. I have used the beta one and believe me guys it rocks!!!

  • AnonD-1731

Hope this actually comes to Australia, unlike the Wave 2....

  • Erick

Bada may well appeal to those who are finding the never ending updates for Android a little confusing and who are unable to afford the more closed eco system provided by Apple. However, having witnessed what has happened to Palm's OS one should be understandably conscious of the possible demise of this OS in years to come. Windows Phone 8 will add interest to the OS mix in the mobile space over 2012.

  • sket

I believe, and so do a lot of other Wave I and Wave II users, that this phone is nowhere near a flagship... it's more of a LIFERAFT for bada/Wave phone line. I've put great expectations thorwards bada and Wave pbones after the first Wave was lounched, but Samsung has put very little effort in development of both. As a consequence, many of the curent Wave I and II users will be moving away from bada devices. Personally, i'm keeping my eyes out for WP7 phones.

  • Anonymous

Geezay, 19 Sep 2011Numero uno! Interesting. I wonder how many patents Bada viola... moreIt will be sued when sales begin to worry the patent troll. Of course, this is wave and not a galaxy. So such a situation won't arise.

  • Anonymous

Owesome mobile

i'm waiting for it

  • Zapatazuparta

WAVE-BYE-BYE, 19 Sep 2011QUESTION..... Will Bada still be the only 'Smartphone' on the... moreExcellent....not wheelchair in COMA....

  • Anonymous

The specs and hardware is good.. But I think it's not that significant upgrade even from S8500. I mean the 4" is a huge difference theoretically but it's not practical considering it's only 1.4GHz single core processor.



Will Bada still be the only 'Smartphone' on the planet that doesn't allow VOIP/SKYPE?

Yes folks, the truth (as an S8500 owner) is that you have an excellent piece of well constructed hardware with great multimedia.....but the apps are limited....and as for updating firmware and support, PATHETIC!!!!

The platform would have every chance of being a global contender, it's so stable and battery efficient...but Samsung chooses to keep it in a wheelchair!

Wake up Sammy!

  • Mark

"Bada fans"

Are you kidding me?

  • Zapatazuparta

Mack, 19 Sep do I get the wave s8500 back to live as its dead a... moreDid you flash your 8500 or it happened while you were upgrading from KIES ?

  • AnonD-22740

i needed a decent pay as u go phone and saw the samsung wave 2 on sale for £100 from carphonewarehouse!­phones/SAMSUNG-WAVE-2/PPAY&clearance=false i couldnt belive it :)the offer is still on if ur interested.. seems like they want to get rid of it for the upcoming wave 3

  • Anonymous