Facebook shared user data with major smartphone manufacturers

07 June 2018
The list includes the now-banned in the US company Huawei, as well as Lenovo, Oppo, TCL and many more.

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franz.alex, 07 Jun 2018Umm… I didn't see Sony in the list of companies Facebook sh... moreHahahaha :p - True... but sadly, this is old news that takes back to 2010... I love Sony; though I hate the new Ambient Flow design and their closing on, practically, all current app's and developments only to cut the prices... now unless you unlock the bootloader and root your device (loosing your DRM keys and propietary functions) you can't uninstall the s*dd!ng app... just "disable" it - Since Nougat or MM I believe... which is cr¥p...

PeterThePanda, 08 Jun 2018Lol. You've never used a Huawei phone, stop lying. I've acc... moreTrue. Huawei IS o è of the most reliable phones unlike Samsung.

Shall we ban or close facebook and problem is solved.

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2018huawei is unreliable phone that will broke battery flexible... moreLol. You've never used a Huawei phone, stop lying. I've accidentally dropped my P10 like three times from around 1.5 meters height and it's still working fine.

**** all the social networks and data miners, long time ago I told people what they are just shooting themselfs in a foot with this stupidity to reveal your life to everyone on net, but people never listen and people never think, so pretty much deserved of this

  • Anonymous

PeterThePanda, 08 Jun 2018The US hates Huawei likely because they can't install their... morehuawei is unreliable phone that will broke battery flexible cable when you drop it

Hman., 07 Jun 2018I dont understand the emphasis on huawei in this text, when... moreThe US hates Huawei likely because they can't install their NSA spyware on Huawei phones, or something along those lines.

AnonD-743514, 07 Jun 2018Facebook should be removed itself from app stores all over ... moreIt would be nice, but also hypocritical by Apple and particularly by Google. They use antisocial media in a similar fashion as Facebook. Be it with their own platforms like YouTube or just by working the reality distortion field to suit their needs.

  • AnonD-743514

Its more of whore house rather than I formation sharing app now,look at the groups from some countries ,they are pure skin sellers ,how do they even get approved ?the app itself has become uselss

  • AnonD-743514

Facebook should be removed itself from app stores all over the world across all os,its more a nuisence rather than convenience,look at the groups people from philipnes and other such countries created, even mine ,its more of a mordern whore house than information sharing

  • Hman.

I dont understand the emphasis on huawei in this text, when apple and samsung also benefitted from this...

  • Jan

If you don't want your info out there, don't post all your crap on the internet. Want to keep your life private? Then keep it private by not sharing it with the world!
Really, how stupid are you people...?

  • Jan

franz.alex, 07 Jun 2018Umm… I didn't see Sony in the list of companies Facebook sh... moreWell said. Fully agree!

  • Anonymous

And what's new on this?
Facebook always sells our data and i know this many years ago.
I deleted my facebook account and completely removed facebook from my devices to:
1. Don't get spied by my current and future employers.
2. Save battery on my devices, and i can't believe how longer my batteries last!!
3. Using Facebook is becoming more boring everyday

Umm… I didn't see Sony in the list of companies Facebook shared the data with. That's better than going bezel-free, right?

  • Anonymous

What a surprise!


Seriously, decentralize everything. As long as there is a central point of failure it will be exploited and/or attacked. Zuckeberg did exactly what every sensible man with that much power would do... use it. And there is *nothing* you can do about it.

In fact the fact that you know the name already means that something is amiss. A well working system needs no central figure, if it has one it is not well working enough.

Automate everything, decentralize everything and finally let humans do the one things that machines can't do. Be creative and make leaps of logic/faith.

Use machines for machine work and humans for human work. Zuckeberg does machine work, you don't need him...

  • AnonD-241270

TPAA, 07 Jun 2018"if you dont want your privacy explored go back to a keyboa... moreGo tell company's that...

If company's like Apple or Facebook, Intagram and etc didnt observe their costumers data and informations they dont know how to proceed in the market, because all they do is based in what consumer want and not what they need.

Example: Instagram is a f*king st*pid thing, if people dont want your life or data explored for what they use instagram?! the social network who is based on day by day photos and things like "what you are doing" type is wrong thinking they dont collect data, of course they do. Is the most st*pid and useless social network ever, its the most usafe one. (i never used it, just saying).

Everything is about data and personal information those days, you even go to the toilet in some marketplace or in the shopping and there you even dont know if some agency go to the toilet and find your fingerprints and see what you have used inside the toilet, nobody knows but can this type of thing exist?? OF COURSE!

Nobody is free those days, you born and some years after you need to study, you grow and you need to find a job, you buy a home and you need to pay the taxes of the build every year etc etc, you die you (or someone) need to spend a lot on the funeral. Is this "BE FREE" means? OF COURSE NOT, NOBODY IS FREE THIS DAYS, AND NEVER WILL BE.

Did you know what i try to say?! its the logic of things.

Good thing I deleted my Fishbook account 2 years ago. Anyway, it's pretty goddamn addictive to use that app than YouTube and Google+, and that experience forced myself to fully terminate my account for the good.

  • Anonymous

Remember the times when the saying went something like "On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog".

I think now, we can modify the statement to "On the internet, everybody knows what dog you have"

AnonD-241270, 07 Jun 2018i ever listen: "one time on the web, always on the web" and... more"if you dont want your privacy explored go back to a keyboard non-smartphone thing, it still exist and is safer than smartphones."

That is a foolish comment. They are in the wrong. People should be able to use smartphones, however no one has a right to have their information exploited.