Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) in for review

11 June 2018
We take a quick first look at one of Samsung's new metal, mid-range phones.

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  • 11 Jun 2018

They sealed the battery without giving waterproofing.

But then again, repaired S7 phones lost theirs as well lolololol.

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    • 11 Jun 2018

    and only some gready bad peaople will buy it for 300euro if they wont give any discouts for thear old shitphones exchainge then i not interested.

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      • 11 Jun 2018

      An exynos 7885 would've justified the price even without the ingress protection. Or at least an Exynos 7872. Unfortunately for us here in my country, the J6 is only about €50 cheaper. So neither of them is a good value for money. I hope Samsung remembers this time of this year when they offered basically an entry level specs at a mid-range price while competing brands have started offering mid-range phones (with SD363) for almost entry level price.

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