LG Aristo 2 PLUS launching on T-Mobile this week

12 June 2018
While the specs and design are same as that of the Aristo 2 (which launched in January), the only difference we could find is support for LTE Band 71.

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  • anonymous

Natalie, 13 Jun 2018My LG aristo has messed up on its own earlier today and wont let... morethat and more, camera constantly loses ability to save and says cannot save, rebooting worked a few times now its worse.
it also had a rash of other problems, turning apps on and off on its own,
got warm at Tmobile when they were trying to figure it out and make it save pictures and video again,
Ive lost track of how many times I have to go into the Tmobile store... this phone is pile of shit - android 7 is trash - 5 is full of issues but it works.... 7 is worse than windows 10 in how rapidly it changes your settings BEHIND YOUR BACK --- THIS SUCKS BAD!!!!!
It has too much iPhone like monitoring going on --- NO PRIVACY MALWARE & SPYWARE

  • Anonymous

reboot your phone in safe mode and find the app causing issues

  • Natalie

My LG aristo has messed up on its own earlier today and wont let me access my home screen. Has this happened to anyone who has resolved the issue? Or is going through the same thing?

  • Anonymous

World's best handset ever.

LG Aristo 2 Plus 2 is 4-1=3 quick mafs.

1.4 GHz? I believe this is Snapdragon 435 or 430.