Xiaomi Redmi S2 will be available in Spain soon for €179

12 June 2018
The phone has been listed on the Chinese company's Spanish website.

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Here in Slovakia in my shop i can have it for 145 euros. But 5A Pro from Xiaomi is better option this i can have for 119 euros.

Dhgggjs, 12 Jun 2018Too small battery for this size of the phone.Exactly, and this is why I told my mom to buy the Redmi Note 5, 32 GB storage+3 GB RAM, bigger battery, SD 636, better resolution, for just 20€ more.

  • AnonD-241270

Some stores, online stores are selling it already and bellow 160...so, too late GSMA. Too late...

Y u no mi8se ?!?

  • Dhgggjs

Too small battery for this size of the phone.

  • Anonymous

If they believe that we are going to spend that money in the crap Redmi S2 with 3Gb... be ready to only sell a handful of them in all the year at most.