Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro, Mi Max 3 and Mi Pad 4 incoming

15 June 2018
Xiaomi's website contains clues about the upcoming Redmi 6 Pro, Mi Max 3 and Mi Pad 4.

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Notch is a big NO!
Protrude camera lens is a big NO!
Rounded display corners is a big NO!

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2018It looks like Pixel 3 XL.yes no notch...and would prefer 16:9 ratio

  • Dave

This is one ugly phone.

Bob007, 16 Jun 2018Android one is a big joke on these phones ,even non Android... moreNokia also commited to Android One program this year

Bob007, 16 Jun 2018Android one is a big joke on these phones ,even non Android... moreMost 2018 Nokia phones are a part of android one program , So don't know what your talking about.


Battle Hero, 15 Jun 2018Please Xiaomi make Mi Max 3 Android One phone.Android one is a big joke on these phones ,even non Android one phones like Nokia phones gets updates faster and have less bugs

Ugly notch with big bezel. Its embarassing to carry those phone around. Super cheap.

That is one of the ugliest phones I have seen this year! No purpose for that notch at all with those massive bezels on ALL sides!

They are just having the notch for the sake of having the notch and nothing else... Wish if more companies adopt the Vivo style true bezel-nessness or the Rear-camera-rotatable-flap tech shown in this design - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5g0eFRHXiw

This is totally possible with today's tech, but it seems that Xiaomi wants to continue to repackage last-year's tech with an updated name, and nothing else. The difference in variation between their products of each year is the least. See the Mi box 4 for example!

  • Andy

Mi max 3 with sd710 would be great, as long as it has SD card support, headphone jack, nfc, and no notch. Seems pretty reasonable to me

mi max 3 may have s660, given mi8se has s710

Please Xiaomi make Mi Max 3 Android One phone.

  • Anonymous

>have notch
>still have hugeass bezells on chin, side AND TOP
Xiaomi, stahp, you're only embarassing yourself

  • Ahong Surahong

As amazing as Xiaomi goes, I highly doubt it if the Mi Max 3 will equipped with S710. S660 is more likely. Either way, that's good news for me!

Hope the Redmi Note 6 is not 5.84-inch but larger.

I currently use the Mi Max 2 (174.1 x 88.7 x 7.6 mm).
My ideal Mi Max 3 would have dimensions: ~160 x 80 x 8.5 mm.
Its ok if the battery capacity has to come down a bit from 5300 mAh.

If you've got it, flaunt it

ipolit.matveich, 15 Jun 2018While for the most of gsmarena users the notch is something... moreMost of them GSMArena visitors, including me, we don't have any problem with the notch lol because we know it is in trend nowadays in comarison to what everyone considered it at the birth.
The most stupid thing is having WHITE, HUGE bezels with the notch. It doesn't even look good with the white color lol

  • Anonymous

Mi max 3 is good

While for the most of gsmarena users the notch is something ugly, perhaps for many people around the world the notch is something which gives them the feeling they have a premium product like iPhone X and Xiaomi is playing on that string.
No matter what the people are writing here, the device will be best seller as all of Xiaomi products and it is not because of the specs or the design, but because of the pricing and the quality.
Me personaly don't like nothing produced last year except Meizu 15, but it is too expensive for me. I had some hopes for reducing the size of the phones, but as we saw on Tuesday, even Redmi 6 is huge.

  • Anonymous

put 3800Mah batteryjust like nokia 7 plus

This is Xiaomi wanting to emphasize their notch existence with bigger bezel and white front. "LOOK AT OUR NOTCH". Shocking visual ever on smartphone design.