Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S now available, online at least

22 September, 2011
For the moment we've found it on one online retailer, surely more to follow soon though.

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  • mikoko

want to buy one of the xperia arc. any assistance?

  • Anonymous

i'm planning to buy xperia arc s, but is it worth buying b'coz it dosen't have front camera "NO VIDEO CALLING"

  • shameem

tan, 24 Sep 2011yea yea yea i bought an htc sensation 4g the dual core peice of ... morethere is only one is missing front camera

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-39616

Very nice mobile,smart to handle looks rich and cute

  • tars

where the hell in metro manila sony ericsson xperia arc s is available ??

  • Anonymous

Any news on whether / when Optus will have the Arc S?

  • F@

what about Lebanon? when will be availble here?

  • Soner

when launching Xperia arc s ?

  • AnonD-25752

How abt Malaysia? when is the released date.? how abt the price range??

  • AnonD-24294

when the misty silver available for purchase?

  • Dr Kyle

Anyone know the UK release date?

  • arcelisengel

i look forward to buy this gadget,the physical appearance of this gadget is so unique.

  • Anonymous

can any 1 tell me wen arc s ill be available in mobile stores??? :/

  • mingguan

Sigh.... when will SE know 1GB memory & 512MBA RAM is NOT enough!!!

  • AnonD-9017

leoryo, 24 Sep 2011i think xperia arc is better looking, i think its the sexiest ph... moreYes it is true. And just one question, do you actually use it?
Ok, it is nice to have a front facing camera and this one does not have it but in more than 4 years of having 3G video enabled phones I never use it and so, no need for the front facing camera... Have the Arc for 4 or 5 months and never missed the front facing camera...

  • AnonD-1906

Xperia arc won the best camera phone award for 2011 by EISA. Yes it single core, N9 is single core also!!!! Iphone 4 is single core.

  • AnonD-23357

if you had done your researched you would know that it is released in october in the UK and will three network have confirmed they will sell it, before u start bashing sony ericsson with this article

  • JahCre

simon, 24 Sep 2011im not a huge s/e fan after getting x10 when it first came out b... moreWell said!I'm a SE fan love their stuff.When d arc2 or a cybershot launch,would get dual core for sure.I like how they buck up an getting in2d game of things.Updates r coming lightening fast,designs r simply awesome!I had many phones b4 but SE iz d 1st an alwayz will b my best brand.I have a desire hd,sweet phone.Gonna sell an get bk ma 1st love SE:)Going for a smaller screen,Xperia Ray!!!Just love da design,d arc iz d master piece still.Love other brands as well but SE iz da shit!Ppl gonna hate,come on they got2itz SE.If u doh like u gotta hate,SE 2da werl ppl!

  • leoryo

Gorgonite, 23 Sep 2011 Compare SE arc and samsung galxy plus.. Which is better?practic... morei think xperia arc is better looking, i think its the sexiest phone today but the galaxy plus has something that the arc doesnt that is a front facing camera...