Oppo Find X goes official with a pop-up slider with three cameras

19 June 2018
The motorized slider hides away the dual rear camera, the selfie camera and the 3D facial scanning tech.

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  • 29 Jun 2018


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    • 26 Jun 2018


      Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018In your opinion. We can all have opinions but fact is S9 wi... moreSure. That's not in contention.

      Still, for those of us who aren't too bothered by big brand names, this is a contender.

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        • 25 Jun 2018

        DLight, 20 Jun 2018Actually, I'll be buying it. This kind of technology - buil... moreIn your opinion. We can all have opinions but fact is S9 will take a dump on Find X in overall sales in 2018.

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          • 22 Jun 2018

          Did I just saw edge/curved display or I'm seeing wrong.
          And for anyone wondered what would samsung's next plan, it will be something like this for sure (at least the display) because the screen is produced by samsung so of course they will take a lesson or two.

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            • 21 Jun 2018

            I guess the argument for the best screen has ended, I am still excited on how would Samsung and Apple will response for getting behind for this competition NOW.

              arg0, 20 Jun 2018Dirt continues to exist even if manufacturing processes get... moreYeah that's definitely something to worry about. Never though of that.

                Would've been my next phone if it had a fingerprint scanner on the display like Vivo has. I also wished it had a headphone jack and no glass rears. At least they got rid of the notch in a creative way. Too bad that will wear out eventually.

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                  • 20 Jun 2018

                  The best phone so far

                    Actually, I'll be buying it. This kind of technology - built well - doesn't come cheap. The specs destroy the S9, and that's only cheaper by $150 or so.

                    This is THE 2018 flagship.

                      Xiaomi Fan, 19 Jun 2018Wow. Somehow everyone became a mechaical expert after the r... moreAll of the mobiles tend to disintegrate faster with their physical movement. Though I had iMate 9502(in 2008) which withstood lots of physical abuse with their hinges which I used it only for a year or so. Hope engineering caught up with moving parts longevity

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                        • 20 Jun 2018

                        arg0, 20 Jun 2018I bet I can type my PIN in less than the time it takes for ... moreNot to mention what happens when you drop the phone while the tray is popped open. Total fail.

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                          • 20 Jun 2018

                          Resolution is small, price is too high

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                            • 20 Jun 2018

                            Lee, 20 Jun 2018Get OS upgrade on future?Yes, Android 9 Beta

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                              • 20 Jun 2018

                              No 3.5mm jack = Fail (Should be included as user choice even though BlueTooth 5.0 has vastly improved audio)
                              No card slot = Fail (Should give everyone a choice even though internal storage is decent, not everyone wants to store data in cloud)
                              Price = Fail (For 1000 EUR, you expect a QHD Screen over FHD, FingerPrint Sensor, 3.5mm Jack and card slot)
                              No FingerPrint Sensor = Fail (Should be placed on the back at a comfortable position right below the camera, not everyone wants to use Face ID for privacy and security reasons.)
                              ColorOS = Too Restrictive (May not allow some third party stuff). Some people may like it while some may feel it is a replica of iOS.

                                arg0, 20 Jun 2018I bet I can type my PIN in less than the time it takes for ... moreFirst off. It depends on the length of the passcode. I can type my 9 digit passcode in about 1.4seconds, which is 7 times slower than unlocking using a biometric authentication.
                                Secondly, I took the worst scenario, that the user is typing a password to unlock the phone, which can take 4 seconds (x20 slower)

                                  Just to get rid of the notch, they have compromised wireless charging, stereo speakers, headphone jack and a phone which cannot be compatible with a case.
                                  This slider top is going to pop out everytime u r looking to unlock ur phone, take a picture, use any video conferencing application. This looks really a stupid idea.
                                  It can be a concept but not the future of bezel less phones.

                                    Everything looks fine, but price is just horrible, OPPO Find is expensive series, but to charge as for iPhone X stupid moves, considering no UD scanner with shitty as usual face scanning technology, no OPPO sorry it will not sell well unless you kill the price, Vivo NEX S is way better offer

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                                      • 20 Jun 2018

                                      I have only 2 questions:

                                      1. Stereo speakers?
                                      2. IR blaster?

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                                        • 20 Jun 2018

                                        Kiyasuriin, 19 Jun 2018You're forgetting that besides the Face ID there's your typ... moreI bet I can type my PIN in less than the time it takes for the slider to slide out the cameras and do the face recognition.