Samsung releases Daisy Duck and Goofy AR Emoji for Galaxy S9 and S9+

19 June 2018
We're one Pluto short of rounding up the main cast - Mickey and Minnie Mouse were the first two and were soon joined by Donald Duck.

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Would be great to have voice changer using them as example... would enjoy that.
Still waiting for animemoji and adultmoji... as well as age changing AR emoji. Even more if you could transform your face into those types.
If it just could take a face based on character from movie/animation, it would be awesome, no need to wait for somebody to develop one.

Shanti Dope, 20 Jun 2018Next: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un AR facesTheir face ID from iphone would be best for that...

I swear some "innovations" are poor shite, more useless than emoji and animojis features you need to look for it

  • Anonymous

i need mario ar emoji.

Well no adult will use theses because it will looks childish and no adult with healthy brain cells will buy S9 or S9+ for her kids. As a first phone this will be wayyy too expensive.
I would start with J3 or J5 but definitely not S9 and S9+.
Wake up people.

Why do kids own an S9 or S9+? Or why do parents hand em those phones? I got no children but they would have no access to any phone till ~10 and even then - no flagship. Maybe im not careless and/or rich enuff.

Next: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un AR faces

Now kids will love using this feature for those who owned an S9/+

  • Anonymous

Can't wait to see which animoji LG is going to release. If they release their Animoji pack update in the near future.

  • AnonD-732843

This is none other than Disney's turn to get a cut from Samsung's milking people's wallets strategy.