Android 8.1 hitting unlocked and Amazon Prime Moto X4 variants

20 June 2018
Arriving as version OPW28.2 for both models, the update also includes Android security fixes for the month of May.

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  • Timalay

Asghar, 20 Jun 2018When Android 8.0 is releasing for Motorola droid turbo... a... moreWell seeing as it doesn't even have 8.0 (let alone 7.0), probably never.

  • Anonymous

Too many serious problems reported on the Moto forums, give it a while before even thinking of updating.

When Android 8.0 is releasing for Motorola droid turbo... anyone tell

Good news that the Moto X4 receives the 8.1 update, a superb mid-range phone.

One question: With Android P about to be launched, will this X4 receive the update to Android P at some point?

  • Anonymous

P around the corner, at least this phone bring pure experience without hardware problems from pixel2. Pls improve lenovo, you no longger have kia badge, but motorola just Lancer evo, with responsibility lead innovation