Fortnite passes $100 million mark in just 90 days on iOS

20 June 2018
Fortnite reaches $100 million of revenue in just 90 days. Numbers could have been higher if it wasn't for the invite system.

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Vegetaholic, 21 Jun 2018Never surprises me how people can invest so much in a rubbish mo... moreWhat makes a game rubbish to you? And what does a "real gaming console" mean to you anyway?

  • Kangal

Back in 2008:
Consoles - 43%
PC Gaming - 34%
Portable Gaming - 13%
Phones - 10%

Later in 2013:
PC Gaming - 41%
Phones - 27%
Consoles - 24%
Portable Gaming - 8%

Now in 2018:
Phones - 51%
PC Gaming - 28%
Consoles - 20%
Portable Gaming - 1%

It looks like "Phones" segment ate into the marketshare of Consoles and Gaming PC's. However, that's not true. Gaming PC's slightly ate into the Console marketshare. Phones completely destroyed the Portable marketshare, which was small, but it mostly created a whole new market by itself. If Apple creates an iPhone X Plus, with convertible joysticks and dock like the Nintendo Switch... then Apple can expect to destroy the marketshare of Nintendo and Microsoft, leaving Gaming PC's and Sony to compete in different segments. But I doubt Apple would be interested in such a move, they rather focus on maintaining their profits instead of strenuous competing.

Never surprises me how people can invest so much in a rubbish mobile games? Why not get some Switch and play "real" console games instead of wasting money for nothing

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and Sensor Tower are ones who reported the pokemon go revenu

  • Anonymous

this data is crap, and very deceptive , just for the fact that it probably is just selecting which games to compare, because pokemon go destroyed all the games in the list, so who know what else is missing

Apple made $30m from this just for being Apple. Crazy.