Galaxy S II global sales pass the 10 million mark

25 September, 2011
It seems people just can't get enough of this phone as it managed to cross the said landmark in just 5 months.

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  • Anonymous

When will 2.3.4 official update start rolling?
That's all I need to know atm

  • fish

AnonD-1082, 26 Sep 2011The defect is still not fixed. Go and read the complaints on XDA... morelol, flashing the latest updates seems to reduce the issue.. while for me using a custom kernel has made it disappear..
those noobs complaining about yellow tint at xda are not a reliable source..

  • Doctor Shahkar

Hello to Every One !!

Not an iPhone fanboy but using iPhone 4 plus Samsung Galaxy S at the same time and loving both.

I and every one like iPhone 4 for its asthetic , Amazing retina display and smooth scrolling, no lag and lots of Apps. Hate iPhone 4 for being iTunes dependent.

Love Galaxy S for being open platform android , lots of customization and Amazing screen. Hate it for having cheap material plastic and bad looks and design ( Most people would say that iPhone copy , nut i would differ ).

In the end I like to use iPhone 4 on day to day basis.

Thats my very honest opinion.

As an end customer I would love Samsung to win the Patent war against Apple so that they can innovate.


If they can just improve the build quality of Galaxy S2 or S3 and google improves the OS when it comes to scrolling , then I might ( As well as so many iOS users ) jump to Samsimg Galaxy S line of phones.

Cuz i believe that Samsung have the most prolific mobile phones when it comes to Android ( Sorry HTC , LG , Motorola , SE , Dell , HP ).

What do u think guys , Have ur say !!

  • Aska kim

Unbelievable to know this news !! But one more thing if samsung can create bada OS I will use it !!!

  • Anonymous

sgsii rock. but, iphone 4 (stone age phone)suck. sgsii is the best phone ever (till now). i don't think even iphone 10 (will release on 2015) can defeat sgsii. once again sgsii rock. sgsii rule.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1082, 26 Sep 2011The defect is still not fixed. Go and read the complaints on XDA... morelol @ you

  • bucky

AnonD-13148, 26 Sep 2011Those people who say Samsung copied Apple need eyeglasses with m... moreare you serious?? My sgs2 looks IDENTICAL to an iphone! Thats just silly to say and i own one. I cant blame apple completely for wanting to protect their phone somewhat from samsung. Every other android phone atleast does something to differentiate itself-samsung literally just made an iphone with a bigger screen(appearance wise).

  • AnonD-1082

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2011samsung already fixed the screen issues with firmware updates, n... moreThe defect is still not fixed. Go and read the complaints on XDA. Nice try covering up the defect.
The public should be made aware of this defect that the fans are trying hard to deny and cover up. GSMArena wrote an article about it almost 4 months ago and the defect still persist. Samsung should be ashamed for this yellowgate fiasco.­lay_plagued_by_uneven_brightness_yellow_tint-new­s-2719.php­=1079444&page=228

This person have gone through 6 units and he still have the defect.­=1079444&page=218

  • The S

AnonD-1082, 26 Sep 201110 million sold and Samsung still haven't fixed the yellow scree... moreOk tell me this Mr.Pro, did Nokia fix the purple screen defect of so-called mighty N8?

  • The S

I will tell u this..

If you want to buy an Apple phone, what choice you have? must buy an iPhone and no other choice..

The story is different with Samsung and others. Lets say you wanna but a Samsung smart-phone. What choice you have? can get a GS2, Ace, Wave 2 and many more..

So if you want to compare how much smart-phones Apple and Samsung sold for a given time period, do count all the phone Samsung sold (GS2, Ace, wave 2,...) and all the phones Apple(so called iPhone 4) sold.

If GS2 is the only phone Samsung had, they will reach 10 million mark within 3-4 months.

  • AnonD-6809

i m worried now APPLE will sue SAMSUNG for high sales (high sales belongs to APPLE :P ) lol

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1082, 26 Sep 201110 million sold and Samsung still haven't fixed the yellow scree... moresamsung already fixed the screen issues with firmware updates, nice try though troll

  • AnonD-1082

10 million sold and Samsung still haven't fixed the yellow screen defect. More than 200 pages of complaints and Samsung have done little and customers are angry and unhappy.

Samsung should make a public apology, acknowledge the defect on the SGS 2 and do a recall.­=1079444&page=227

  • mmz_cool

The best phone ever!!...c'mon sammy way to go!

  • vicky

no surprise,
bcoz it's the bst smart phone till date with awsum luks & features.

  • Anonymous

angel, 25 Sep 2011well, no suprise, that's why they copied the iPHone:))they didnt copy the iphone, F.Y.I apple copied their hardware and all from HTC if you remember back in the mid 90's htc was the first touch smart phone to come out as a business phone, the only reason why it didnt take off well was because it was class as only a business phone and was to high tech within technology.

so if anything these new smartphones have gotten all of their like features and all from the first htc touch phone back in the mid 90's

do your research ppl and stop judging based off wat someone else says learn ya facts first off

  • AnonD-13148

Are you comparing the whole range of iphones (iphone 1,3G,3GS and 4) sold to Samsung Galaxy S II only?

  • Amroze

Yes big up to android and samsung sony htc in reply samsung copied iphone yea the other way round apple copied samsung tocco ans lg parad stupid dum f ckss i have an iphone 4 32gb when i bought the s2 and htc sensation i look at apple phone and how rubbish u cant change the kernel nor the rom or or cpu what rubbish restricted phone no bletooth no external sd card no extra battery no mp3 downloads no flash but u apple isheeps i stupid phone say wow its the best phone nowing so all these restrictions u still support apple dimwits no live widgets u isheeps waiting to have all the specs that android have tough u cant and if u do samsung nokia sony lg motorola will sue u kick ur arses yea a designer phone ip4

  • AnonD-20221

AnonD-8690, 26 Sep 2011for your kind information the sgII is only available in korea, p... moreYou have got all your facts and figures wrong... Asia itself has got more than 10 countries and as the other guy said, there are more reliable sources than you...

  • AnonD-20221

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2011we are talking about smartphone like nokia, n9, samsung Galaxy s... moreSo you think... But isnt...