New Samsung Galaxy On phone incoming, could be a rebranded J6

26 June 2018
Samsung is preparing to launch an online-exclusive Galaxy On device in India next month.

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  • AnonD-621054

such a waste device never success

[deleted post]Agree. Its not worth it. The chipset too weak.

more confusion.. more waste.. more useless samsung devices. dont understand why even samsung is trying to sell such devices. Xiaomi and Huwaei have way better options from 7K to around 20K.

  • AnonD-147393

One more series on on 7,on7 lite , on 7 pro, on 7 duo , on 7 prime. All will be powered by 7870.

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2018another garbage that flows to the river And another waste of smartphone to deal with.

  • Anonymous

another garbage that flows to the river

Geric.770, 26 Jun 2018Exynos.... 7870?Tens of devices are powered by exyon 7870..
No matter here ..

I don't know why this artice is published now ..!??
Any one guess