Founder Jack Wong says Meizu X8 will be better than Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

27 June 2018
The executive has confirmed the device will be powered by the Snapdragon 710 SoC and feature a display larger than that of Mi 8 SE.

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why ? because it got "jack" ???

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 27 Jun 2018Well, you cant possibly go worse than Mi 8 SE. Of course should ... moreAdd a mediatek cpu to that and it's 100 times worse.

Well, you cant possibly go worse than Mi 8 SE. Of course should be better. If Meizu go without notch, add sd slot, add audio jack then add a bigger battery it is already 10 times better than Mi 8 SE. Just add that simple thing and price it like they said they would, done, Meizu win.

  • Anonymous

Well, if the price is competitive just like mi 8 se and the overall specs is better than that phone, only then it will be better. If not, well just keep on dreaming. LOL

  • elod

a larger screen will never make a phone better... just saying

  • Katt

They are dreaming if they believe that people is going to buy a new phone at that price with Nougat, not updated frequently as SO concernt and less in western countries due to the lack of B20 band, and FM Radio as usual in their products.

Let's see!

  • Chase-Su

Wow! He's confident ^__^