Samsung i560 and i780: smarties on focus

28 Sep, 2007
Word is out in the mobile community on the Symbian-based slider Samsung i560 and Samsung i780, a bar-shaped QWERTY smartphone, running on Windows Mobile...

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Love this phone wanting to buy but where do I go to get this phone

  • max

Well, as much I would love to have the Samsung i560 but the phone is taking ages to be available in the market. I don't know about the hype on this phone, all I know is they have generated enough critical mass advertising this phone and advertised it will be available by November is now February 2008!!!! I guess they have to release the phone now or else, people like me will find another phone which is ready and available in the market, and find other phones that might be better than the Samsung know phones, they change technology very fast just in a span of a month and Samsung takes "ages" to release it.

  • Anonymous

very goooooooood phones.with mouse^-^

  • skeeves

lol yeah just wait till it starts crashing on you!

  • moazzam ali

samsung is good but nokia n-series is on the top.i purchased nokia n-95 recently absolutly brilliant.

  • erb528i

How many models from Samsung !, if I'm right, there is also one in project with the model code SGH-i570.

  • Anonymous

would be better samsung with WM6, a 5mp camera and very large screen:P

  • Anonymous

it looks like the i780 is a successor of i600.
as for me, i prefer i620's slider form factor.

  • Costin

It should feature at least 256k colours and it could have been perfect and a fair stand against the lg ks20.

  • Anonymous

really Awesome phone waiting FOR rel i am the first ...yes..rohit sachdeva