Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon Wear 2500 chipset for kids' smartwatches

27 June 2018
The company even developed a slimmed down version of Android Wear and is working with Huawei to build new watches. 

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  • Denaerys
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  • 01 Jul 2018

Will the SIM card of any active phone work in a smart watch once inserted?

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    • Anonymous
    • 6p{
    • 28 Jun 2018

    Kiyasuriin, 27 Jun 2018. . . A7 is Seriously weak. I'd expect min A55This is for smart watches not for phones so it will do the job.

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      • Luxor
      • IVT
      • 28 Jun 2018

      Was just thinking about Snapdragon for smartwatch. Nice to see a few development. More safety feature like super accurate gps tracking is needed. Like a radar nearby detection maybe. Trust me, you would wish this exist once you lose your kids at a crowded place especially when they like to runs around. XD

        . . . A7 is Seriously weak. I'd expect min A55

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          • ZloiYuri
          • Tmf
          • 27 Jun 2018

          When Huaweo will release Kirin Wear processor? Qualcomm is too bad in this business

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            • fjS
            • 27 Jun 2018

            Qualcomm is killing Android Wear

              I probably wouldn't even give this to a kid. Most likely provides the same terrible battery life and lag really bad after some time. I say this as I own an LG Watch Style and its terrible, can't even recommend it anymore.

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                • Zero
                • Ksa
                • 27 Jun 2018

                So, there might be a Snapdragon 250???
                Wondering if we will see a 14nm ARM A7 cores.