LG Stylo 4 reaches Cricket tomorrow

28 June 2018
It's been available at MetroPCS for a week now.

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  • 03 Jul 2018

I got total scammed with this camera. LG Stylo 4 should be recalled. It is defective and Metro PCS won't give people their money back. LG Stylo 3 and 4 and Samsung galaxy S7 Series decided to place a wide-angel camera in the font of the phone, which a) is totally insane since wide angles is use for landscaping and scenery not to shoot at ones face, and c) wide angel should not distort the face to make you look like a monster and not even look like yourself. In other words, LG Stylo 4 is defected. Do not buy it till they fix the camera and the software. I have the GoPro camera which is a wide angel camera, and does not distort my face like that. I'm now stocked with a useless phone since I used the camera for work. PS> The rare camera is not difference has bending distorting issues too.

Metro PCS you need to recall these phones and either replace them or give our money back!

    3 gis of ram better then metropcs s version

      Luxor, 29 Jun 2018Seems to rival the recent Galaxy J8. This LG Stylo 4 even h... moreTrue.
      This will be released on my country try for few months before Pixel's release.

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        • 29 Jun 2018

        Geric.770, 29 Jun 2018Hmmmmmmmmm.... DTX? Nah. SD450? Nani!?Seems to rival the recent Galaxy J8. This LG Stylo 4 even have better screen at cheaper price.

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          • 29 Jun 2018

          Samsung note 9 competitor
          Oh what a powerful processor
          Top notch performance guaranteed LOL

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            • 29 Jun 2018

            The ONLY rival to the Galaxy Note series though vastly meek in comparison

              DTX? Nah.
              SD450? Nani!?