T-Mobile seeds updates to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and LG V30/V30+

02 July 2018
The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active gets bumped to the June security patch, the V30 gets fixes.

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  • bond

Great, S7 is getting Oreo and my unlocked S8 hasn't got it yet !

  • Kangal

troy5890, 02 Jul 2018Seeding updates?Yes, seeding.

It's because the Samsung Active devices (etc S6, S7, S8 Active) are ONLY exclusive to the AT&T carrier. That means updates are pushed from:
Google->Samsung->AT&T->Your Device.

However, since it's a popular phone there are people out there buying it, paying to get it unlocked, then using it on another carrier. Usually those people miss out on any OTA updates.

So either T-Mobile asked AT&T who shared the update, or Samsung has bypassed the original carrier (AT&T) to push the update.

All in all, a good thing. But we need the flagship devices to become more like the Pixels, and we need the Pixels to become more like iOS in terms of software support.

Luxor, 03 Jul 2018Carrier phone always slow with updates. Messy schedule. That's why I prefer unlocked phones over carriers.
Also, they will add Bloatware on your device!

Carrier phone always slow with updates. Messy schedule.

I got it 3 days ago.

Seeding updates?