Xiaomi plans to enter the US market in 2019

04 July 2018
The company Senior VP says its US connections would help avoid the political resistance.

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  • Anonymous

no malware? we don't need another junkie

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2018Be ready for cheap Android IPhones.Picture somes up everything :)

Go Go Go Xiaomi.
Show US customers how real brand looks like.
When others just toying on the sand you are a remarkable company selling for excellt prices and delivering outstanding quality to your phones.

opt, 05 Jul 2018entering US its like you are digging your own grave. goodluck Only grave diging is for apple they will loose its customers because xiaomi proven over the time they are much better brand offering much better devices for much less money.

shappy, 04 Jul 2018Oh noooooooo...O yes finaly.
I really hope that xiaomi will be best mobile phone brand in next 5 years at the moment they are number. Where Samsung is first apple second and huawei third.

Tanjung perak, 04 Jul 2018Lol that wont happen, US to block all chinese smart phone entry... moreSecurity?
There is nothing like that.
Even C.I.A. can breach any device they ahve clever enough people to do that.

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2018Apple, patiently waiting for this to happen to sue them like no ... moreApple can sue own pants they are full of something brown smelly and luiquid substance :-)

YoloBS, 04 Jul 2018Waiting for xiaomi get sued by apple and samsung!Maybe they will send samsung and apple to the courts for munching into xiaomi bussiness.

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2018They will fight against horde of legal infringements the moment ... moreI dont think so they are excellent company and this is the step to be the not 4th but nuber one in world in phone market.
I would like to see that.

True Story, 04 Jul 2018Good luck with Trump :D , this will not be allowed when he is in... moreWell now apple will pay when they loose its customers.
Compared to apple xiaomi offers much better devices for much less price.
If person using xiaomi drops its phones and breaks screen they will likeyl pay 100 for repair or buy new cheap device.
When person with Apple drop and breaks screen and have to pay 400-600 for new screen they rather buy different brand which cost much less.

  • batto

i would love to see them come here. it would launch the tech into actually increasing instead of just slapping a new look on some old tech **cough*apple*cough**

  • opt

entering US its like you are digging your own grave.

  • tehsin

SmartphoneTester, 04 Jul 2018Kind of unrelated to the news, but why are Americans so dumb to ... moreThis is old culture. Before those prepaid and big carriers slashing their monthly bill to $40-$50, they used to charge $60-$70 per line, per month. By doing this, they just charge $50-$200 without any monthly payments for phone. You could just get a flagship phone for $200 most. But now carriers slash their monthly phone bill and force you to pay fo the device.

  • NichtsGemacht

I would love to see Xiaomi devices in the us but being realistic I think that they will be given a hard time, us protectionist laws are broken.

  • SmartphoneTester

Kind of unrelated to the news, but why are Americans so dumb to keep on buying into this carrier locked phones bullshit? The Phone supposedly only costs them like 50$ but they end up paying monthly Fees for the device plus the premium. Why not just buy the Phone unlocked and buy a SIM from like Cricket? I myself swore to never get a Phone through Subscription ever again, 2 Year Contracts SUCK!

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2018You won't said the same if you have experience using MiA1 which ... moreUsing a Moto Z2 Play now which is essentially stock. Never had an issue. HMD Global's AndroidOne phones had their fair share of bugs with updates they fixed...but MIUI is too much for me, since I don't use all of those features in my phone. I save most of it for my laptop

travis999, 04 Jul 2018Why do firms think they have to be in America ? Its a tiny mark... moreI mean, I get what you're saying, but the US is indeed a market. They can expand in the US with that aggressive pricing quite quickly. Also, don't blame the US for making stupid trends. It is their choice to copy it and they did, and you know what happened? The iPhone X just got bought even more. So don't blame us.

Why do firms think they have to be in America ?
Its a tiny market, there are 5.5 billion other folk on the planet, 2 billion of have equal or approaching American spending power, trying to "make it" in America has already destroyed many firms, HTC being one of the better known ones, they stupidly, blindly thought they "needed" a presence in the USA, they regret it now, I'll bet..My suggestion to anyone is to ignore the USA, they are going to go the same way as the UK, rapidly slide into insignificance, and the quicker that more folk avoid doing business with the USA, the faster the world will lose the worst influence on world trends..

  • Anonymous

So all the Honk Kong IPO money is gonna be used up in expanding into USA, need to lobby out Donal Trump like ZTE did to lift the ban, surely Xaiomi is gonna need lot more with original patented technologies in thier smartphone to break through US market, anything mimiced or copied won't work specifically It will concern major player like Apple. While in asain markets Xaiomi has certainly been able to shakeup Samsung quite a bit, now lets see how long is thier stay certain in USA.

  • Anonymous

How about Canada?????? :( If Xioami gets released in Canada I would buy one in a heartbeat!!!!!!!