Analysts: Samsung Mobile to post unimpressive Q2 results

04 July 2018
The mobile division is expected to announce operating profit of KRW14.9 trillion, 5% less than the Q1 record.

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Arvind7955, 04 Jul 2018Ugly designs. Age old processor. Below par build quality. I... moreLol Samsung has one of the best design in industry, on par with SD chipsets and build quality is top notch. You are completely delusional :)

Lol ,"5% lower than record breaking last quarter". It is definitely very good numbers and very far from unimpressive :)

  • S6 User

Walter C. Dornez, 05 Jul 2018Nice, though I have a question. Are you still using the S6?Yes, I'm still using this S6, the battery life has diminished to unusable levels.
I know I can replace with a new 2700mAh battery for about £20, & some say that the S6+ edge's 3,000 mAh with recalibration battery or a 4,000mAh battery case with for £25.

But today I've got the S9+, which I can take back if I'm not happy (30 days trial).

  • Samesung

My Samesung s7 phone does not perform as expected too, such a coincidence!

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2018A cheating company, never gives support for warranty, i hat... moreWhere are you from? I had a very pleasant experience with their customer service and warranty

  • Anonymous

A cheating company, never gives support for warranty, i hate samSH*T

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Anonymous, 05 Jul 2018Google ban Samsung from using Android -> Android Market ... moreLool are you mad, huawei would take like 80% of samsungs customers and the rest would go either to other android oems and some wud move to ios. They wont be missed

I followed Galaxy series from S2 till S7 Edge. I felt S8 was not worth buying at that time because of its back fingerprint and the only interesting feature in S8 was Infinity Display. After S8, samsung lacked on innovation or may be their R&D Department is not focused on future markets and customer satisfaction.
I am still stuck on S7 Edge as a secondary phone and shifted my primary phones to Xiaomi Mi6/Mi8 and Huawie P20 Pro recently; and to be honest, I feel like samsung is loosing its customers because of lack of innovation, design and lack of updates in OS.

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S6 User, 05 Jul 2018Sorry but I can't stop laughing @ the Samsung haters. On... moreThey didn't read anything save for the headline. They jump on any occasion to spit on [insert brand], because if they started to read the actual article, they'd realise that the actual reality of things doesn't fit their narrative

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2018s-lag phones are making people fool -- google should ban th... moreGoogle ban Samsung from using Android -> Android Market share is decreased by 50%

Yeah sure.

S6 User, 05 Jul 2018I agree with most of the comments here, it's obvious those ... moreNice, though I have a question. Are you still using the S6?

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I dont mind to see a brand dies.
Those are just phones.
If one brand dies, other will replace it.

S6 User, 05 Jul 2018Sorry but I can't stop laughing @ the Samsung haters. On... moreAnd the fact that Samsung already made RECORD-BREAKING PROFITS last quarter. It's not easy to maintain an increasing profits every single quarter, especially if Samsung's previous operating profits was their HIGHEST one ever. I mean, you can't expect record-breaking profits to happen every single time...Samsung's haters are just that... Haters.

  • S6 User

Sorry but I can't stop laughing @ the Samsung haters.

On the page they've just clicked from to make their comment, under 'Related' it clearly shows 'Counterpoint: Samsung shipped the most smartphones in Q1 of 2018'.  Lol :)

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2018Behold you unbelievers the end is nigh for Samsung phones.Dude, they made 13B$ of profit. 13 000 Million US dollars. If you call that "the end of Samsung", I'd suggest you ask HTC what they think about it.

They kept posting record quarters over record quarters, even with the uninovative S9.
And 13 Billion Dollars or profit sounds impressive to me

  • Anonymous

Who would buy a Samsung flagship if you live in a country that all the latest smartphones from China like Vivo, Oppo, etc are as easy to find as Samsung? The answer is very a few or nobody.

Nothing surprising here.
I'll just watch Samsung's midrange segment to fail a lot.
I mean, very high price using the same Exynos 7870?
Huawei and Xiaomi have a better time on overtaking their position on midrange segment.

Your flagships are great. Just only your midrange level has issues Samsung. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

Behold you unbelievers the end is nigh for Samsung phones.

Well, what did they expect? The S9 pretty much gave very little improvement over the S8, not enough to justify the price difference. Their other phones for midrange and low-end are now being overtaken by other brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and other Chinese brands which provides better specs, UI and longevity for the same price of even less.