Motorola DEFY+ lands in the UK, costs 240

30 September, 2011
Motorola DEFY+ is now available in the UK. The SIM-free rugged droid can be yours for about 240.

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  • Anonymous

Will Motorola launch this phone in the USA?
It's much better than the old Defy which is available in the US now, but there isn't any NEWS about the availability time for Defy+ there!

  • Lubo

I am very happy owner of the original Defy and will definitely buy the PLUS very soon. The larger battery, faster processor and Android 2.3 is all worth the upgrade.

  • srkraj

when will it will be available in India?

  • majd

its very good phone
its very fast processor

  • AnonD-24208

Good price!

  • Anonymous

Also SEM Active is good. because of Bravia engine on a rugged phone...that sounds like some entertaining adventure.. sony is good for music too..5mp camera..what say? and its rugged..

  • Oflife

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2011motorola has no fan base and theyll have to do a lot better than... moreNot for long. THEO knows. ;)

  • Anonymous

Active has front camera, Defy+ missed it.

  • Anonymous

very good pricing, knowing that the original defy costs about the same currently! it's not a dual-core with 1gb of ram so when the price settle around 200 it would be very good buy! i hope that google will now change motorola's policy with updates and closed boot loaders!

  • chossen

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2011sony erc ACTIVE or Moto Defy+ ??defy+ versus active, always motorola i had the defy and i was very very satisfied even more than my galaxy s

  • Janny

Samsung Galaxy W or Defy+?

  • Suryagopan

Will it be available in India, or if i buy it from UK will it be compatible with Indian networks?

  • Chai

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2011sony erc ACTIVE or Moto Defy+ ??Personally i'd go for the defy+. Bigger screen, thinner, gorilla glass and a bigger battery. The actives 3" screen is too small imo amd having no gorilla glass on a device thats designed to be rugged is not a good idea.

  • Anonymous

sony erc ACTIVE or Moto Defy+ ??

  • Anonymous

Kickass, 30 Sep 2011"Dont but motorola products... poor support and worst opera... moretry to contact google hahahahaha


  • garry

good looking and smart phone

  • Anonymous

Defy+ also packs a larger battery at 1700mAh (compared to the 1540mAh of the original Defy). Taking into consideration GSMArena's fondness for all things Samsung, one has to wonder if this omission was accidental or not.

  • Anonymous

MOTOROLA rocks........they are back wid a bang........dnt buy dat cheap samsung handsets....

Dust proof, but no shock proof whatsoever??
I can't see what ruggedness they define :))

  • Grimlord

Kickass, 30 Sep 2011"Dont but motorola products... poor support and worst opera... moreThanks for clearing that out mate... cheers!!!