Our vivo NEX S video review is up

07 July 2018
Stunning all-screen phone with a pop-up selfie camera and software that's hard to love.

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  • Nue
  • 11 Jul 2018

This is awesome, I want to get one

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    • odipedi
    • B}H
    • 08 Jul 2018

    The guy in the review is ADORABLE !!!

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      • yZR
      • 07 Jul 2018

      you missed the opportunity for the title: "Nex S Video review has popped up"

        A couple of reasons that this phone is a much better choice than Find X.

        You can use the back camera without needing to motorizing any part of camera and the phone.

        And if you don't take selfie at all, you can have that front camera stay put forever. Less trouble.

        And you have got a under-display fingerprint reader.

          Great review!
          I hope Vivo would add a Face ID for this gorgeous innovative product.

          Thank GSMARENA team!

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            • Syn
            • YTd
            • 07 Jul 2018

            What's that game he was playing?

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              • XNU
              • 07 Jul 2018

              What's the point when Vivo and Opportunity are essentially the same company.