Facebook facing over $600,000 in fines in the UK for Cambridge Analytica scandal

10 July 2018
The misuse of illegally obtained data was responsible for swaying the Brexit campaign and the 2016 US presidential elections.

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  • k-9

ridiculous considering how much facebook make they breached peoples privacy the fine should be in the hundreds of millions if not billions to deter other organisations from doing it in future this is just a slap on the wrist.

  • jānis

other countries also need to ask, because facebook getting annoying and old.

  • Kirk

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should cease activity in UK...

  • Carol

It is like taking their change for the day.

  • Bewildered

Love the Community, 11 Jul 2018I'm an avid user of Facebook just for gaming news and memes... moreThe event happened in 2015 and is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 where the maximum fine is £500,000.

Facebook either agrees with the assessment or not, if it doesn't then the matter goes to court and is determined by a Judge.

On 29/05/2018 the GDPR came into affect for all countries if the EU, standardizing Data Protection laws where a percentage of a firms global income

So whilst £500,000 is a small amount for Facebook that was the maximum.

Since the GDPR came into existence, it appears to be far reaching, so even USA companies that operate globally and to a "higher standards" GDPR protocols are global

E.g. if Facebook security is compromised since the GDPR even a minuscule % global revenue could now run into millions

  • PC_Kid

FaceGle, 11 Jul 2018actually, the main root cause of this is, the UK GDRP, uk'... moreSorry that doesn't make sense. It's the EU GDPR and it doesn't apply here because the crime came before GDPR came into affect. The UK DPA was used in this case and the maximum fine (determined many years ago) was £500k. The same case today under GDPR could result in a much larger fine.

But let's get real. Almost no fine we could imagine would be enough for the big 4. What matters here is a law was broken and this is bad press for FB. Other fines will follow but even if they don't the scandal has had an effect in other ways and we should all be grateful for that.

Finally it's worth remembering it was CA that got caught.... but there was a whole load more data scraping going on at this time until the 'platform' was changed.

  • FaceGle

actually, the main root cause of this is,
the UK GDRP, uk's people data protection.

Duck of death, 11 Jul 2018Somewhat true, Google were ordered by a Swedish court to ta... moreCorrect, but even with that in mind, revenue also comes to mind. Take my country, Syria, for example: The revenue from selling apps here is almost zero. As almost any pay option is either prohibited by the government or disabled from the original site.
So even if Facebook or google were disabled in here, it wouldn't hurt the company that much.

H-1, 11 Jul 2018Not every country can fine Facebook, and don't expect the c... moreSomewhat true, Google were ordered by a Swedish court to take down right wing and other extremist channels a few years ago and just ignored it with the excuse they're an American company. The only issue they could face is getting blocked which in itself is a pretty good deterrent as that would fractionalise revenue in that country to the few who bothers with VPN's and such.

this amount is nothing for zuck

  • Love the Community

I'm an avid user of Facebook just for gaming news and memes but they deserve to pay $1B of charges. All of our personal data is priceless! They can't treat it like the Ford Pinto controversy in the 80's where they have the balls to name a price of every human who died or nearly get killed by a death trap such as the Pinto.

Well if we close facebook forever they wont get any more fine problem solved.

  • Anonymous

Well the made a stupendous 37% profit margin (USD 10 bilion). I doubt if they would even feel it.

  • Anonymous

Facebook would become the most evil company on earth

pl2rts, 11 Jul 2018And every country should fine facebook for leaking account ... moreNot every country can fine Facebook, and don't expect the company to comply with every fine. I mean, it might pay the fine in the US, UK, and every country where it has CDN server, but not in countries where the legal system is weak and no Facebook servers exist.

  • Anonymous

Cambridge stole the data from Facebook, so it's Cambridge that should be fined more extensively, not Facebook, who, while not having good security, had no I'll intentions and whose only fault was not reacting fast enough.

I just heard Mark had to stop buying new grey t-shirts in the next quarter. This fine is hitting him hard. His children may go without food for the next few weeks. Poor little Mark.

they will not even bother to read that, when they just see that fine, they just send them from their paypal used for buy candies...

  • Andy

That fine is nothing to a billion dollar company. Like am average Joe getting a $50 dollar fine

pl2rts, 11 Jul 2018And every country should fine facebook for leaking account ... more$ 600k fine from every country. Now we are talking about a reasonable amount.