Oppo Find X hitting India on August 3

12 July 2018
Only the 8/256 GB variant will be available for INR59,990 (around $875/€750).

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  • 20 Jul 2018

zx1142, 13 Jul 2018no front cameras i think one plus 6 is betterIt has see the video over youtube.

    LOL, this pricing is a JOKE for a pop-up camera and a little more screen. No IP rating, no class-leading camera, idiotic UI ........ meh..

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      • zx1142
      • RK0
      • 13 Jul 2018

      no front cameras i think one plus 6 is better

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        • srisha
        • rx7
        • 13 Jul 2018

        Last time I paid 60K for a phone is for iPhone 6 and I believe no phone is worth that much price (including iCrap) when you can get lots of new phones with same/similar specs at half the price. Take for e.g. Zenfone 5Z (8GB - 256GB) is priced at 37K. Just coz you put a rotary camera you can't command a premium price.

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          • Anonymous
          • PGq
          • 13 Jul 2018

          Not to mention COLOR OS which is just another iOS wannabe. Pretty RETARDED to have CAPTCHA just to enter Developer settings and configure the way you want it. Does NOT allow you to change home launchers easily, cannot uninstall the "SPYING" TouchPal keyboard (fortunately can disable). Difficult to install Custom ROMs due to LOCKED bootloader.

            Anonymous, 12 Jul 2018How's about $300Sorry, what?

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              • Pragmatic
              • uS$
              • 13 Jul 2018

              So the notch-less design doesn't matter at all to most. So much for that

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                • motofilipino
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                • 12 Jul 2018

                Ryan7646, 12 Jul 2018It just got priced here int he Philippines and it is almost... moreExactly! lets just wait for the price to mark down after a month? lol perhaps this will be on promo for buy 1 take 2. people wont buy this overpriced piece of junk.

                  seems a reasonable price given that it was expected to roll in at £1000 in most markets.
                  I would pay that, given some of the competitions prices are already close to the £1000/$1000 mark for comparable specs, save for the FHD display

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                    • Sathish
                    • QK3
                    • 12 Jul 2018

                    So the next year OP will have same bezel less design with pop-up camera..

                      It just got priced here int he Philippines and it is almost $1000. Like wtf. Samsung's flagship and other are still way better in both practicality and build quality. Hell I'll even pick Iphone X even if I detest the company over this.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • PGq
                        • 12 Jul 2018

                        For the PRICE, you expect a QHD over FHD screen.

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                          • Luxor
                          • uC0
                          • 12 Jul 2018

                          What are the chances Oppo wont abandon its Find series this time? They abandoned Oppo Find 7 for 4.5 years as they said. We got to remember this is not a Oneplus device but simply Oppo.

                            keyur.sheth, 12 Jul 2018Humm, definitely better options at lower price band compare... more+1

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                              • Anonymous
                              • FXM
                              • 12 Jul 2018

                              How's about $300

                                MobiNerd, 12 Jul 2018Maybe this was not required for India which is a price-sens... moreYes of course. But they don't need to keep a lot of stocks and this phone might show Oppo to be a more premium brand to their other customers who might be interested in buying their cheaper phones.

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                                  • Dkp
                                  • 12 Jul 2018

                                  keyur.sheth, 12 Jul 2018Great OP6 @ 35000 (64GB) @ 45000 (256GB) Galaxy S8 @ 3700... moreS9+

                                    • Syel
                                    • D0b
                                    • 12 Jul 2018

                                    Even though I can't afford this phone I must agree that I can't get over how beautiful and sexy this one is!

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                                      • Ron
                                      • 7ka
                                      • 12 Jul 2018

                                      keyur.sheth, 12 Jul 2018Great OP6 @ 35000 (64GB) @ 45000 (256GB) Galaxy S8 @ 3700... moreI'd buy the Zenfone 5z. For 27K (with the ICICI offer) it's a steal!

                                        MobiNerd, 12 Jul 2018Add to this list Honor 10 - 33k (128GB) Zenfone 5z - 27k(... moreHumm, definitely better options at lower price band compared to OPPO. But if you want better brand value/resale value Samsung would be the better option here and S8 would be best value for money.