Oppo A3s debuts with 6.2" LCD and Snapdragon 450

13 July 2018
Oppo rebranded the A5 to A3s before bringing it from China to India.

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Anonymous, 13 Jul 20182gb RAM in 2018. Can't get any lamer.Hahaha if you want buy on other company and compaired it ... the other phone in china is only have 1gb of ram hahaha

After software update..my battery drains fast.is this normal?

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Anonymous, 13 Jul 2018I have one phone from Oppo and never again. the software su... moreTrue, OPPO phones sold internationally DON'T usually get MAJOR android updates, except security updates unlike their China counterpart which receives both. Moreover, Color OS is just another iOS wannabe which makes it hard to customize the way you want it. For example, you want to adjust the animation so you need to go to Developer settings. BUT then you are greeted with a pop-up window asking you to type the CAPTCHA (Can you believe it?!) to access the developer mode. The software also makes it difficult to add third-party launchers and it comes with a "SPYING" TouchPal keyboard (So that OPPO "KNOWS" what you are typing) which can only be disabled rather than uninstalling it.

KILL OFF the notch already Android! T_T

sadh, 13 Jul 2018Omg gross. 720p on 6.2"There are worse. :P

Are you kidding me? Why even?

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2gb RAM in 2018. Can't get any lamer.

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I have one phone from Oppo and never again. the software suck and update suck

Oppo bettet have a really good reason for this phone because im seeing Oppo Realme 1 as a better option altogether.

Why does this phone exist when the Oppo Real me 1 is available for less ?

Omg gross.
720p on 6.2"

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