HTC U12+ Mayday Limited Edition launched in Taiwan

17 July 2018
The Mayday version comes with a few goodies inside the box along with exclusive theme and ringtone.

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A party towel? :D Very useful after overdosing alcohol and cleaning after yourself I guess :))

  • mexicanparrot

Without HTC, you can kiss Android goodbye. They were the pioneers who made the first Android phone and took it mainstream by the next few years. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today and you all may be using an iPhone. Be grateful they are still around making beautiful devices and stop spreading rumors.

  • Anonymous

This'll make me over look poor button designs for sure lol.
Next revision will have a fidget spinner built in.

HTC similar to Sony mobile, is headed towards extinction.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 17 Jul 2018No no, USonic and headphones on USB-C is steadily becoming ... moreMind you, the audio quality of the headphone jack is FAR SUPERIOR to USB Type-C headphones (Most do NOT come with DAC, aside from USonic) especially with a phone like LG V30 that has a Quad DAC built in to the headphone jack sounds so much BETTER than those with Type-C headphones. Last time, HTC used to FAVOR the headphone jack on it's flagships with Beats Audio headphones back in it's heyday on their past years' flagships. What happened since 2017? HTC pulled a DICK MOVE on U11 & U11+ and decided to go and join Apple's "COURAGE" CULT to remove the headphone jack despite having NO ONE complaining about HTC's 3.5mm headphone jack quality. So the saying goes to REMIND smartphone manufacturers: "If it (HEADPHONE JACK) ain't broke, don't fix it."

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2018WAYS to prevent HTC from dying are by re-adding the HEADPHO... moreNo no, USonic and headphones on USB-C is steadily becoming more successful by the day. Don't let them bring the jack, tell the others like Xiaomi flagships and Sony. HTC is doing it right here. Keep going HTC, I don't know why 90% of the people only know HTC due to headphone jack. That's the worthless reason to remember them.

  • Anonymous

WAYS to prevent HTC from dying are by re-adding the HEADPHONE JACK on their next flagship device (dun know whether that will exist or not next year) & LOWERING DOWN PRICES on MID-RANGE devices including the FLAGSHIP.

Mayday Mayday our sales are crashing Mayday Mayday.............

At least we know HTC can make jokes.

HTC may-day wont help a bit. Its too late.

Mayday... hmmm...I see what you did there.
*slow clap* very clever!

HTC is too late for May-Day.
Sacking 2500 people means you are in red book close to extinct and maybe next year HTC will be found only in history books and cease to exist.