Apple unveils iPhone 4S with dual-core CPU and 8MP camera

04 October, 2011
The iPhone 4S retains the body and design of its predecessor, but has twice the processing power.

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  • SR

so this is new iphone
3.5" vs 4.3"
1.2Ghz vs 1Ghz
1gb vs ....
Mali-400MP vs PowerVR SGX543MP2
oh and siri, well "Hi, Galaxy"
I think I'm gonna pass iphone this time

  • Anonymous

WOW , only apple found the way to make Money !!!

  • phamtomj

i would assume that apple cannot make it in time to release the IOS 5 but the hardward is to say iphone 4S dual core..!! when the IOS is ready, it will be available for upgrade, that's IMHO. :D

  • AnonD-7191

What a disappointed move.After waited for 16 month with million of rumour design and it just announced a jack up version. This kind can easily done by small china firm. So new phone with new look but a copy cat.

  • Anonymous

Now I can see why the lawsuits and product-bans.
Competition is just too much for Apple to handle.

  • shan

AnonD-4697, 04 Oct 2011No Need to...Apple is a winner in sales, even if their devices d... morenot true. apple sales are falling (which will obviously become much worse after this failure of a "new" iphone launch) while other companies such as Android have sales which are growing... top sales? i think not...

  • Anonymous

Ok guys enough of that feeling of disappointment for now. The world does not end here

  • nanotech

Galaxy s 2 is much better

  • AnonD-24821

It is still an iphone with many limiation compared to Android and besides, iOS 5 is copying from Android, Camera is from Sony so nothing to shout about compared to Arc S with Exmor R Camera.

  • Anonymous

apple fails again poor hardware

  • Anonymous

copy samsung galaxy s2...

  • Anonymous

Siri copies Vlingo and Nuance. I see a lawsuit coming.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1544, 05 Oct 2011 SE and apple are the only products in the world that regardles... moreIf you buy the phone in your native country then I'm sure it will support your native language. It's amazing that you seem to know exactly what is available in the android marketplace for dual core especially consider the marketplace is bigger than the app store. I know you are disappointed in the 4s. But using languages as an argument against android is pretty lame.

  • AnonD-24281

jek, 05 Oct 2011so iphone4s just copies android now 1. siri = vlingo 2. notifi... more100% correct.


Ahhhhmmm soooo no iphone 5 ???? Thats it?

  • Dude

jek, 05 Oct 2011so iphone4s just copies android now 1. siri = vlingo 2. notifi... moreI agree!!!

  • Dude

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2011let's just say that pre-orders alone for iphone 4s shoot up to a... moreIt will be a super BIG LOL for people that did not pre-order the phone because people that pre-order it will basically get the same phone with just upgrade in the speed.

  • AnonD-24281

Siri is a total rip off from the vlingo application on android.­eature=player_embedded

  • AnonD-24818

i don't get all the hate to the decision of an upgrade, i'm an Android user that isn't an iPhone owner just because i don't have the money, and the fault is of the media, with the ipad 3, iPhone 5 that only doesn't do coffee.

  • Anonymous

let's just say that pre-orders alone for iphone 4s shoot up to at least 10million. that will be a big LOL to all those who felt disappointed