Apple App Store has twice the Google Play revenue, half the downloads

17 July 2018
Even if Apple's App Store wasn't available in China, it would have still beaten Google Play by 30%.

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  • Anonymous

People pay for apps? That's why google is king

  • pt020

Because one company is known for its sticky fingers.

  • Claudia Evans

It's not a really a surprise, considering the number of iPhone users and the closed environment of Apple products. In contrast, Android users do not only have the Play Store, they also have alternatives such as Aptoide,, Amazon App Store, and others.

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2018yes android has pay apps but how many of those paid app do ... moreIt pays well because the free apps makes tons of money + their adds. What about when it comes to pay apps. But most of it of the money comes from the free apps. If those free apps weren't making money, you would have seen Google changing the whole thing to be paid.
But there the free works and generates more money.
Honestly there are not pirated apps on the android because mostly people don't download every app except it was something else like other gadgets. And if you think the iOS doesn't have, your wrong. Because iOS has but they filter it and that's the difference but I think now the Android is better than before. And if your saying that any app can be pirated, then your wrong because at first I didn't understand what you said but now I get it and the Android is same as the iOS, you have to root the Android, then do what you want as the jailbreak for the iOS.
I would use the free version.
As a developer, they would use both systems because, every developer wants to benefit from both sides because both of them are famous, besides google doesn't take money from them when their apps succeed and get a lot of downloads but Apple takes 30% from what you make and since both systems are famous and every person uses them in their business, the people make money about it.
IN the WWDC, Apple was saying that their 200 Million developer generated 20 Billion Dollars and they got their money. So what do you think?? This is a business more than being an ecosystem friendly and I say this for both of them.

  • Anonymous

KamAbdi, 19 Jul 2018Well Apple does put the price not the developers because on... moreyes android has pay apps but how many of those paid app do android users really pays?! majority of the paid app are pirated on some sites. so if people are given a choice would you go pay an app or get the free exact version?! in iOS you need to jailbreak first before you can pirate an app and every ios update patches jailbreak exploit.

so if you are a developer where the apps you make are your bread and butter which OS will you make apps?

  • Omid46

My dearest.This news that proves facts is the best answer to the EU....Thanks.

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 19 Jul 2018everything apple does need to pay ? we got free macos updat... moreWell Apple does put the price not the developers because once your a developer you will get paid of how many downloads you have plus their will ads so the developer gets monthly paid and that's huge amount of money since the iOS is famous or as the iPhone.
Do you know that apple takes 30% from your amount of money from your app, if you make an app, while the android is free and Google won't any kind of money except buying the toolkit???

Hahahaha, no it doesn't hurt because as I told android have their own pay apps and they're more successful when it comes to being a 85% of the software being used. Apple is just knows they have only 15% in the world as software OS, so they get money as much they could because if something happens to the iPhone in any year, the iOS will lose because no other OEM has iOS and Apple made that policy.

I know everyone does pay for storage but I accept them to cut cost because they don't offer expandable SD card in their phones or tablet, while in the android, you have many many phones you can get SD card.

Actually I told you the play store have their pay apps and I know there are some free apps in the iOS but the majority is paid. In the play store, the majority is free.

Yeah and actually in the apps that have ads I don't mind them but I don't have to pay them

Ohh yes they don't need me because I wouldn't take their crapp for a second. What a bland OS.

  • Anonymous

Well, I have both Android and IO devices. Same programs cost about the same in both devices. Apple just have more pro apps than Android have and pro apps cost more.

  • Anonymous

No surprises here. You all know what they say about fools and their money...

KamAbdi, 19 Jul 2018Dude no one is bi.....t....ching about and the real answer ... moreeverything apple does need to pay ? we got free macos update , we got free ios update , we got free iworks , what ? developer put price for their apps on appstore u blame apple also?

(i know apple put ridiculous price for their product but they dosnt force apple used must buy their product, its people it self willing to buy and it hurt android user feeling so much)

u can buy iphone , or 2nd iphone but u cant pay 99cent apps ? or couple dollar apps ?

icloud storage is pay ? - u know it got 5gb free right ? icloud only used for backup data , and u dont want paid apple for more storage theres other alternative like google drive , one drive , dropbox , it works same and its FREE , and it support on ios FREE also

google drive also need to pay for more storage , dropbox also need to pay for more storage (it only give 2gb u know) , onedrive also need to pay for more storage , what u expecting from apple?

let me tell u also , appstore also got free apps , free books , games etc etc , and most are free , oc u need to paid for their iap , same goes on playstore

some apps have to pay at appstore but free on playstore , but the apps full of ads , i know theres ads block , but thats only people know about it , and not all android user that smart u know ...

and its ok , apple also dont want u to buy their device

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 19 Jul 2018the android user it self told me all apple user are rich be... moreDude no one is bi.....t....ching about and the real answer for this article is that Everything Apple does is pay and there huge amount of people aren't rich but have iPhone and buy their apps and other things they own even the icloud storage is pay so that doesn't make sense because Apple have money and their ecosystem is famous. They need to respect their fans and the non fans who by their stuff.
I am an android fan and I would never by an iPhone but let me tell you, in the Playstore, there are apps who you need to pay for, with everything books, games, etc, etc... but most apps are free and here it hold an advantage against Apple when it comes to the favourable ecosystem and it has a world wide developers.

KamAbdi, 18 Jul 2018As I can see your a fanboy and I will tell you Android ain'... morethe android user it self told me all apple user are rich because they can buy the apps even it cost 99cent , while they only know betching about it , they want free apps only ....

  • Anonymous

unknown User, 18 Jul 2018maybe stop downloading apps via piracy and google play woul... morethats why I love android..I never ever pay for software!!
Of course a certain amount of the purchase of a phone or computer, tv etc is for the actual software..but its not that kind of purchase I mean but purely purchasing a piece of software.
I dont care about greedy developers. Developers pirate their workspace and all their software, what they use to create the graphics, what they compile the code with.
Everyone pirate their software. Hey even nsa was caught red-handed that they pirate all their stolen tools to hack their targets..

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 18 Jul 2018yes... because android user are cheap ... they dont want su... moreAs I can see your a fanboy and I will tell you Android ain't cheap.
Who told you they don't support the Android???
Android has a huge huge supporters and every year they have a gathering with the developers, Go watch Google I/O. Then, you will know Android's power.
Be a fan and it's ok but please use your mind. :)

Apple users always enjoy paying more for less. Nothing new here.

  • Gav

Maybe stop filling the store full of clones and bullshit and users might enjoy it more. more choice isnt always better

Well, apple users tend to spend more money on the exact same services without even thinking. Read that once in an article - and yep it's still true. The same game can be twice the price, still apple users who know about the difference will most likely buy it for twice the money - they got no other chance anyways there's not many people like me running multiple systems to be able to get it all...

We all know that rotten apple is a gready company.

  • unknown User

maybe stop downloading apps via piracy and google play would match apple's app store.

  • Anonymous

they forgot to mention on the article that ALL paid apps on google play can be downloaded for free as piracy. thats why developers prefer to release first their apps on app store since they get paid there by the customers and release it on android after they have gain enough profit on iOS. it wont matter anymore if their app is pirated since they already have revenue on iOS.