OnePlus 6 scores a respectable 96 score from DxOMark, beats iPhone 8 Plus

17 July 2018
The final score topped the Galaxy Note8 as well. With a 100 on still photos, it also edges out the Pixel 2 (but loses in the video test).

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Geric.770, 18 Jul 2018Updates? Nah. That'll make your phone destroy if you aren'... moreHah nice joke with 5Z

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Mi8 scored higher mark than oneplus6 that’s interesting

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Pragmatic, 18 Jul 2018Sorry fella, it seems nobody wants take the effort to study... moreHeres a one line narrative for you: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and the Mi 8 both have an higher DxO score that the OP6, while costing less money and now having physical stores (with customer support) in many places of Europe.

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Chaz, 18 Jul 2018The OnePlus company based on my 3 years of experience has b... more"If it were a multi-million dollar company like the other top competitors" -- except they are, despite all the marketing and whining, they are a part of BBK Electronics which is in the top 3 of worldwide sales. It's like saying GitHub is a small company, except it is actually Microsoft that's behind it.

  • LLL

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018Rather than criticising dxomark with vague statements and s... moreThey, DxO haters, generally don't know what to make of those numbers. The biggest mistake they make is to take the overall score as a measure of image quality, when DxO take into account a number of different aspects to arrive at that overall score.
So for example, the photo score can be affected by color, flash, zoom, and bokeh sub categories, while you want to look at only exposure and contrast, texture, noise, and artifacts in order to judge how strong its performances in dynamic range, resolved details, sharpness, noise.

Granted, I don't know how exactly DxO can come up with those numbers, but for me the sub scores are the more relevant numbers and, when comparing among various devices reviewed, can give a pretty good picture of each cam's performance. It shows. Just watch a few camera shootouts on YouTube to gauge each cam's dynamic range, low-light prowess, sharpness, details, and you will find that DxO's findings are not far off of the reality. Ignore the autofocus (speed), bokeh and zoom sub scores.

  • Chaz

The OnePlus company based on my 3 years of experience has been working hard on creating what is the best OnePlus device they can offer. If it were a multi-million dollar company like the other top competitors then it could provide what the masses consider a better camera. But other than that the company has provided other great features.

On the point of the camera on the OP 1,3,5 and 6 are good camera phones for the price they were released for. At least your not paying for the full price of research and development as with other phone companies or some brand name that just make average phones.
OnePlus is good at what they do and the best part is they don't make phones for the masses, the make phones for the community. If the masses like it, then it's a "plus" for them. They learnt the hard way not to make phones to please people (OP 2).

Though I never owned an OP2 the camera wasn't bad either.

  • Pragmatic

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018Rather than criticising dxomark with vague statements and s... moreSorry fella, it seems nobody wants take the effort to study and try to rebuke their actual methodology, step by step.

They just want easy one-liner quips and follow popular narratives.

I've a Pixel XL & used OP 6 for 2 weeks. Though I didnt make any actual comparison between the two, my feeling was OP 6 was slightly may be a milli seconds slower than Pixel 1 in capturing. Though it may be a minor thing, 1 milli seconds is aeons in photography isnt? Unfortunately you have failed to highlight one of the most critical component of any camera, the capture time.

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Rather than criticising dxomark with vague statements and subjective opinions, tell me why shouldn't we trust dxo based on scientific statements ( statements that makes sense). I know people who blindly believe the so called tech Youtubers who doesn't know anything about camera and being biased and supporting big brands like Samsung, apple and Google blindly. I too don't know about many things about camera, so please enlighten me why we shouldn't trust dxo and trust someone like mkbhd?

ProJames, 17 Jul 2018I thought the OP6 was plagued with oil painting photo issue... moreThere Consultancy service so it's not free which immediately makes me question the validaty of their results and testing methods.

Jason Melling, 18 Jul 2018Yes but many people dont care about camera performance, a s... moreMost users (including me) are content with the "mediocre" cameras of cheap flagships, doesn't change the fact that the expensive flagships DO HAVE MUCH MUCH BETTER CAMERAS!
So a DxO rating giving higher points to OP6 is simple, plain BS

  • Kangal

Anonymous, 17 Jul 20185 phones have beaten your phone already. Your 6th on the li... morePixel 2XL:
Excellent single camera + No second camera + Best software = Excellent Performance

Great single camera + Good second camera + Great software = Great Performance

...the advantage that that Google has is they can easily use a newer/better single-camera and become the leader of the "Camera Wars" again. However their competitors have a much harder time because they can throw better sensors which will not bridge the gap if their software is still unoptimised.

most important for me is texture which is soooooo weak in a weird way but overall great camera

Geric.770, 18 Jul 2018Updates? Nah. That'll make your phone destroy if you aren'... moreThe 5z is priced lower than the OP6- Sweet. But the camera is just average and inferior to the OP6's cam both in pics, video recording and stabilization.

People who think Galaxy S9 plus is a beast in camera department should re-open eyes. It indeed has a good camera but not as good as the pixel 2, P20 Pro or even the IPX in few areas. Here is the fact: The colours are not accurate, objects are oversharpened. Take the same photos using those phones in different scenarios and compare those pics taken from a DSLR. The S9+'s pics come out as most pleasing to the eyes with unnatural colours and oversharpening. Does it mean it has a very good camera?? A big NO. I did that experiement(using Pixel 2, P20 Pro & Nikon D72), and was not happy with the outcome of the S9 Plus. I DONT CARE about whoever wants to troll this msg.

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Shui8, 18 Jul 2018Oops misread your statement. Yeah P20 pro is a beast in low... moreThe king of low light photography and recording is xperia xz2 premium. Xperia destroj P20 pro and iphone x

CptPower, 17 Jul 2018Waaaay worse. At least oneplus uses pure android and have... moreUpdates?
Nah. That'll make your phone destroy if you aren't careful.

The 5z is the perfect phone for this head to head combat against each other with almost the same price tag.

AnonD-705533, 18 Jul 2018I said " Apart from night photography". Only P20 Pro beats ... moreOops misread your statement. Yeah P20 pro is a beast in low light photography. And u should add into your list for best daylight photography, Sony Xperia XZ2, color reproduction is natural and the best.

I Mean Seriously, You think this camera is better than Pixel (Even Pixel 1, forget about pixel 2). Guys, DXO, you need to seriously stop taking money and rather print honest reviews.
For all the others, if you really think OP 6 is that good, then let's hear it... GSM Arena, have a blind camera test pitting OP6 against likes of iPhone 8, Pixel 2 & S9.
We'll know who's where then.

DXOMark scores are not genuine. Only noobs believe them.