OnePlus CEO says the OnePlus X wasn't a success

19 July 2018
It helped Pete Lau realize the company had to stick to flagship releases only.

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  • iqbal

It is more than 2 years now that I bought my oneplus x. It took me 3 months to make up my mind that i will buy x not other phone. Reason was - it was most expensive cheap phone. When i found a refurbished one, i just bought it, and had been using it. This is my only phone, i only use one sim, no sd card. I don't play games. It serving me well. However , last couple of days i am noticing battery drainage, overheating , and some phone call issue. The things i hate most was oneplus forgot this phone so quickly.

  • Ramon

There should have been a very compelling reason to shift.

  • Sathish

dt031sin, 20 Jul 2018Two reasons people didn't buy Oneplus X: 1. Oneplus was a fair... moreIt didnt had any controversial chipset. It only had old chipset (SD801) of yesteryear model OP1.

Remember when the Dell Streak 5 came out (I had one). People were complaining "who wants a screen THAT big". Steve Jobs said screens 3.5" were perfect for one hand operation.
Now, no one wants a screen smaller than 5.5". It's pretty much marketing. Whatever is trendy is what sells. Whatever the manufacturers push, whatever the hollyWEIRD types buy is what people will buy.

  • Anonymous

Ritzie, 20 Jul 2018You'll even have more difficulty in selling smartphones less tha... moreOh yeah, nobody wants phones smaller than 5.2" based on a poll where 5.2" was the smallest option.

  • opx

oneplus x was overpriced for device that running on outdated soc.. one of the reason oneplus x exist because of bad reputation of sd810 in oneplus 2. . but if you decide to used sd808 or even 805 in oneplus x, it might be successful as it can served as a compact device, yet capable processing power.

to oneplus ceo, it was your own fault for making a wrong called on that device.

Two reasons people didn't buy Oneplus X:
1. Oneplus was a fairly new company at that time.
2. It used one year old "controversial" chipset.
If they launch it now with a 660 or 710, it'll surely break the mid range segment.

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2018Yes. 5.2 is too big. It should be smaller!You'll even have more difficulty in selling smartphones less than 5" displays.
If GSMArena's survey is NOT a proof of that, go search the market surveys in Google.

I missed those good spec phone with

  • Anonymous

You may exchange one plus x for any other one plus with reasonable payment... can you

  • Pat

...and oneplus is no longer a flagship killer..sad..

  • Anonymous

Robbie, 19 Jul 2018You'll have difficulty selling a 5.2" screen phone in the curren... moreYes. 5.2 is too big. It should be smaller!

In my opinion this has happened, because at that moment OnePlus was not so popular outside Asia, and asians want huge things. If now such device is available in Europe it might find its fans. Of course here is the same - no one has a small Android phone, but I don't know is it because of the trend, or because the small phones are very expensive or absolute crap - Samsung A3 2017 for example is expensive crap.

  • Compact-Phone

Release it now with decent hardware and see it success skyrocketing. I think every other guy who hates large screen will lap it up.

Anything with infinity display supporting 5 inches display will be a great success.

y not try it launch again with sd 660/710 under 20k, i would certainly be interested coz imo anything above 25k on a phone is a no brainer considering what we do on it, thats just me

  • umesh3034

this was a good phone, i am still using it ..

  • Anonymous

Oneplus = hTc

  • NoWay

It was beautiful, felt great in hand but didn't support enough that is a failure

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2018Avoid notch and put bezel because everybody loves bezels right? ... moreIf they do the notch with good reason then I wouldnt mind. But most copycat phone just doing the notch for the trend. Like seriously there are still bezel on top of the notch like Nokia X5. I rather have full thick bezel cramped with multi sensor and four front camera lens and big speaker and led flash. That is what I call usefull.

it may not have been a success but I loved it